Emotional and Relaxing Drama & Epic Film Music

29 aug. 2017
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I was busy with some movie soundtracks I liked and decided to share this on ROones. It's a personal selection of emotional and relaxing songs from drama and epic movies. It can be used for relaxing, studying, reading, working or other personal intentions.
The most of the songs are very popular and well known as do their movies.
Casanova is maybe the "strange bird" in the selection because it's more of a comedy than a drama, but it includes also some dramatic moments with an amazing and fitting soundtrack.
To be clear I'm not quitting or changing my channel's purpose. I will continue with making video games compilations. But sometimes by coincidence I make something different like now.
TO OWNERS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS: I do not own these songs or pictures all the songs and pictures belong to their composers and owners. Also I don't make any profit with these video's. I make these Just for my entertainment so other people can enjoy them. If there are any complains please contact me before taking everything/anything down and ruin the enjoyement of innocent people. If you explain me the problem I will do everything to solve it. Thank you in advance.
00:00 "Braveheart Theme Song" by James Horner (Braveheart)
03:38 "A Way of Life" by Hans Zimmer (The Last Samurai)
09:24 "Ibelin" by Harry Gregson-Williams (Kingdom of Heaven)
11:31 "The Breaking of the Fellowship" by Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)
18:53 "Adagio from Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 8 in G Minor" (Master and Commander: The Farside of the World)
20:48 "London" by James Newton Howard (Blood Diamond)
23:27 "S.T.A.Y" by Hans Zimmer (Interstellar)
27:18 "Corynorhinus" by Hans Zimmer (Batman Begins)
30:34 "One Day" by Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End)
33:02 "A Hard Teacher" by Hans Zimmer (The Last Samurai)
38:45 "Now We Are Free" by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard (Gladiator)
42:58 "The Sacrifice of Faramir" by Howard Shore and Billy Boyd (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)
47:05 "Journey to the Line" by Hans Zimmer (The Thin Red Line)
56:28 "The Hanging" by Vivaldi (Casanova)
58:56 "Concerning Hobbits" by Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)
01:01:50 "Ann and Gabriel" by John Williams (The Patriot)
01:05:40 "Message for the Queen" by Tyler Bates (300)
01:08:11 "Washing" by Harry Gregson-Williams (Kingdom of Heaven)
01:10:00 "One of the Dúnedain" by Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)

  • Glad this video is back on, it was one year down for policy reasons (out of my control). But now it's back here, enjoy it folks and thank you for your support! Kind regards,

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    • Spreading joy through music...thank you, love the video

    • I read this comment whilst watching and the Braveheart song!!! What a fitting movie for the policy rights fight

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    • many thanks !

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  • You are beautiful. Never let anyone tell you different.

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  • Man.. now matter how depressed or frustrated i am, Lord of the Rings always brings a smile to my face :)

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  • Music is God's language making his creatures calm.

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  • They all sound sorta like titanic with the flute

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  • Hi this beautiful loving peace is made by us all and wonderful to us all it is ? Were are you now? I will come and get you if you want me back?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸🇻🇮🇫🇴

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  • This is hands down hats off one of the most BEST music collections on youtube! well done my friend you have great taste.

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  • I think you're wrong, it's not S.T.A.Y, but Where We're Going (Interstellar).

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  • Epic mix

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  • Very nice selection, thank you for sharing.

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  • Great playlist ! You should add some theme from "the last of the Mohicans" by Michael Mann with Daniel D. Lewis

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  • roones.info/news/mqZllpqwxo96rpg/video

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  • magnifique!

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  • Good soundtrack music. Its better to leave an old wolf sleep than to wake it.

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  • When I listened to this movie song again after so many years, I found myself starting again

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  • wooooow

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  • The Lord of the Rings score is perfection. Howard Shore did Tolkien proud

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  • Thank you for helping me study! I really love the music you chose. Hans Zimmer (and the others) are all fantastic composers.

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  • Howard Shore is out of this world!

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  • Howard Shore's score for The Lord of the Rings is like the film, out of this world. Truly inspired, we've been given a tremendous gift. The world of Classical music is alive and well in the hands of these Artists.

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  • Epic collection! Brings back lots of memories. Thank you for it!

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  • Beautiful !

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  • Zimmer и Shore всегда попадают в саму суть того, что они создают и для чего.

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  • 2021 🥰🥰

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  • Half of those are Hans Zimmer's, what a legend

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  • To everyone who is experiencing a difficult situation: To shot an arrow you have to pull it backwards. So when life drags you back with some troubles, it means it's going to launch into something better. I wish for physical, mental and spiritual healing for ALL.🙏🙏

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  • Это потрясающий сборник

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  • I wish every single person here , the most amazing and successful life that a human could ever have :)

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    • Thank you - and the same to you :)

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  • last samurai musics taked by Andrea guerra

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  • Very nice

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  • Too good for my soul 😭😭❤

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    • you were born by your dad

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  • Hi everyone ! I hope my english will be enough good for english ones My bestfriend made some music like in cinema and I hope you will hear one of his songs roones.info/one/b5W-3PrsAigO2sy78MB4WQ.html I think there are a lot of emotions and I hope you will feel it ! Thanks a lot ;)

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  • Heroes by Peter Gabriel is another one to add. Excellent mix

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  • The last Samurai 🔥 is underrated.

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  • OMG

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  • I would so pay for a concert that would actually perform this in real life.

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  • Gladiator is above it all, now you are free my friend, we will meet again, but not yet, not yet ...

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  • 1:06:00

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  • Connective compilation for ppl who love movies and music

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  • Many many thanks, what a great ride into all this beautiful places, memories. . First time in a year of shielding and isolation in this pandemic due to the health reasons, I cry tears of joy, not despair. And they are my favorite movies too. Inspiring.

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  • I subbed after the first 15 minutes. Incredible video. Thank you so much for this beautiful and well constructed compilation.

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  • 30:34 😭😭

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  • Say what you say but the music from The Lord of the Rings is chilling me out.

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  • god... interstellar. everytime I hear it...

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  • Freedom!!!

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  • Concerning Hobbits is the theme we all want in life, deep somewhere, the feeling of warmth , comfort , company of friends and good food... Until we face the evils of the world....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • First timer..amazing compilation of timeless music that touches every part of the soul..have always admired the geniuses who play a huge part of movies .. beautiful..thx for this 🎶❤️🎼💚

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  • The second half of "Journey to the Line" is too similar to the prelude to Lohengrin by Wagner

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  • The Hans Zimmer's Gladiator song really moves me.

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  • This is beautiful.

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  • man now we are free and the lotr soundtracks are so good, i can listen to them anyday and everyday.

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  • "Now We Are Free" from Gladiator is the best. I experienced it in concert when I saw Hans Zimmer LIVE, the crowd went crazy for this song.

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  • Wonderful to listen to. Thank you.

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  • Love them all 💓💓💓

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  • I like the Lord of the rings music. Its far more impressive.

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  • WOW !!! Amazing !!!

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  • where is soundtrack Titanic ?

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  • Excellent list of scores! I listen to them as I complete lengthy assignments. Beautiful music!

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  • No offense but you seriously need to broaden your knowledge of both epic film & classical music cause most of these are really bad. Hanz Zimmer should only be on there 3 times at the most, and they are not even his best pieces, sooo many more epic pieces and composers, & Lord of the Rings shouldn't be on there at all unless it's a fall asleep soundtrack for people with insomnia.

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  • excelente aporte

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  • Half the playlist is Hans Zimmer xd

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  • Hans, should have done Game Of Thrones. Saying that, I hear a whisper of Hans every now and then. Truth be told, I hear Hans in everything. Have a listen to Tomb Raider Legend, Croft Manson.

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  • Epic songs 👏🏽👏🏽👍🏼👍🏼 !! Love it 👍🏼

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  • cut your hair

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  • Thanks for great songs along with awesome movie scenes. I think you should get commissions for your video inspires me to watch these movies one by one.

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  • Really glad to have music on you tube like this. Great selection of music.

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  • 9:37 Ramadan is here already 😅

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  • the opener has no equal...

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  • Braveheart & pearl harbor ❤

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  • This is a beautiful selection. Thank for sharing this emotional songs.

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