Brutally Murdering My Family In Minecraft

1 mai. 2021
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mmmmm yes interesting description

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  • "How do I set him on fire safely "

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  • bro buffy is ligit like a year onlder that me omfg wish i was this productive with life

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  • This guy just go in my recommendations and i love how he has a kill addiction guy. Gotta sub:)

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  • Ayo u use the same mouse as me

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    • Btw good memes

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  • WHAT THE HE- just take my subscription

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  • Me just imagining boffy as endevour ✨

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  • Did anyone realize the second/third girl he tried to get was already married? That’s why she said you didn’t lose the baby

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  • Did anyone else hear that voice crack

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  • lol*

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  • your ring is in the oven lo

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  • No that is not what friends u killer 🖐😬😑

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    • I meant to say that is not what friends do lol I can’t spell😅

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  • I dare you to press the move freely button

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  • Your my friend I subscribed as soon as you threw the baby's in the lava killed animals 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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  • whats the mod i want to make a family

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  • Only real ones remember baby joby 😩😩

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  • Parents of Boffy:why you never had a girlfriend Boffy:huh? wdym? i had a lot do you remember *insert random name lol * Parents of Boffy:no... Boffy:exactly =)

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  • Lets go

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  • Hey ash is going to tell his pokemon to use a move on you

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  • Can I ask is that a texture pack or mod

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  • Por qué ROones me recomienda esto xd

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  • I’m going to tel you one thing Daniele is a gold digger

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  • I like mothers×))

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  • *the 6 thing sounded gay,and thats cool man*

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  • Bro I love this dude 🤣

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  • What mod is it

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  • Mood af

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  • me, a girl watching this: -chuckles- entertaining.

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  • man he just got roasted ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • °__°

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  • Hitler bomb plot 203

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  • When he killed his first wife I just got like omni man vibes, like he was an alien or something to this world

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  • Fun fact: i think Boffy might be gay yay 🏳️‍🌈 2:03

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  • Yes, a fellow Psychopath

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  • Yay! I found any new favorite abusive ROones! :D

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  • "You can't abuse a family without a family - Boffy 2021

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  • What's the mod???

  • Sus

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  • Me thinking what if he have kids in real life looking back to this video🤫🤫🤫😳

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  • Coal = Girlfriend

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  • you made me click 'like' on this video, i simply never click 'like' on videos, not even my friend's videos

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  • I get this is a joke and all and I know your Boffy BUT GOD THIS IS HELLA DARK

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  • 👎

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    • Burning that baby is not cool

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  • i saw this video but accidently clicked away and i was like "NO I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU COOK YOUR CHILD" then i relized what i said. I think i scared my family..

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  • Me: *wearing a child abuse awareness bracelet* Also me: watching this video because I thought it was funny 👁️👄👁️

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  • 2:56 why shes attacking you is bc she is a karen and wants to speak to your manager

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  • This is the strangest video I've ever watched when I woke up

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  • fun fact: almost everything boffy said in this video could be taken out of context and could be taken to court

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  • Please try and get in the dream smp

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  • Can you link the mod please?

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  • Plz do videos like this more often.

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  • hey arent you tomathy-in-it's mate?

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    • what

  • Yaasss boffy

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  • Yeah ... I’m so sorry for you

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  • His FBI agent is worried about him

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  • How to not child abuse

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  • Which mod did you use

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  • Shut up

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  • This man is dangerous

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  • 😂 why I am subscribing you when you are abusing animals 😂 and baby's 😂 whatever for some reason I loving this 😂

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  • How's the mod called?

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  • You actually CAN have kids with the guys in this mod 😂😂

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  • Boffy's friend : I wanna impress a girl bruh, do you have an idea? Boffy : Of course, give her some coal Boffy's friend : 👁👄👁

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  • Didn’t know that technoblades brother had a yt

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  • 1:49 plot twist: he didnt mean minecraft

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  • Face reaveal at 50 mil subs?

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    • he has already made videos with his face

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  • This is funny

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  • ... Edit) wtf

  • Next ep : *download mod girlfriend*' *press button to rec in OBS * Boffy : hello everyone to day i made a girlfriend in minecraft so yeah all simps from this channell crying beacause i have a girlfriend and you not hahhahah ! And now we can saying goodbye to right hand and dirty staff and por.... I mean dirty website to !

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  • I remember this was in dantdm's diamond dimensions series and he also accidentally cooked his baby

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  • This guy is just a wither as a person.

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  • What happened to the og title

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  • Ah, yes TechnoBlade NO.2

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  • This is the wonderful channel that introduced me to tuis splendid channel *beautiful*

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  • Me be like: SO YOU SHOSEN DEATH

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  • Are you good those 6 goal are....... Wow

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  • 1:48

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  • abortion that only costs dispenser lever and buckets of lava

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  • i saw the carolana vid i love ur vids and you look 24 even tho ur 16 or older

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  • *is this stockholm syndrome*

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  • I saw the title and damn. I was dying when i read it.

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  • Title: murdering my family in Minecraft 2.7 million people: ooo interesting

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  • What is the mod pack name

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  • 2:03

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  • 6:46

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  • How dare you to murder a stupid child.. Wait wha

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  • Honestly, I'm concerned about your mental health watching this vid.

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  • Hitler had a bf he was gay or bi because he had girlfriends as well

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  • "i wanna start a family, so i can *kill them* "

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  • Never thought i'd ever see domestic abuse on trending. I'm so proud of this community.

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  • takes clip out of context*

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  • Your 15…

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  • ITACHI??

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  • Ah yes, my favourite past time Watching his videos, not murdering my family, of course.

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