Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

7 ian. 2021
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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

  • this song is trash

    Dominic SarroDominic SarroAcum 17 secunde
  • No ones gonna talk about how her first single is number 1 in the world rn

    -Em--Em-Acum 20 secunde
  • Y love song , y love You 🤩

    Aurelio CanevelloAurelio CanevelloAcum 23 secunde
  • my fav song atm

    Ahlam MoosaAhlam MoosaAcum 27 secunde
  • I don’t rlly listen to songs like this but this is A R T

    Arsh SinghArsh SinghAcum 56 secunde
  • Everyone is talking about the bridge but I love the whole song!

    Anna BrooksAnna BrooksAcum minut
  • New favorite song😍😍😍😍

    bff Hey Freundebff Hey FreundeAcum minut
  • i will never get tired of this song i love this

    Mikela IsasiMikela IsasiAcum minut
  • I’m actually listening this song cause I failed my driving license exam again 😥

    gi cutiegi cutieAcum 2 minute

    Mikela IsasiMikela IsasiAcum 2 minute
  • Qui vient de Gossiproomoff?😅

    ElzaElzaAcum 2 minute
  • Love this

    Justice NewcombeJustice NewcombeAcum 2 minute
  • Olivia is an amazing song writer and singer!

    Anna BrooksAnna BrooksAcum 2 minute
  • Best song I’ve ever heard

    Anna BrooksAnna BrooksAcum 3 minute
  • Only weirdos listen to this song on repeat and post it on their sc stories..

    S7 SlaysS7 SlaysAcum 3 minute
  • Oliviaaa. Love you so muchhhh

    faradila psfaradila psAcum 3 minute
  • technically its a mashup of other songs but I still like it so much idk why

    Listen TomeListen TomeAcum 3 minute
  • Chills chills chills

    Anna BrooksAnna BrooksAcum 3 minute
  • 💔

    Anna BrooksAnna BrooksAcum 3 minute
  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

    Anna BrooksAnna BrooksAcum 4 minute
  • Is this about jake???

    Vanessa CamposVanessa CamposAcum 4 minute
  • “Blonde girl”ofc is one of those :/

    David EncarnacionDavid EncarnacionAcum 4 minute
  • "And I just cant imagine how you could be so okay now that i'm gone" hit me harder than a sack of potatoes

    Leia PoopyheadLeia PoopyheadAcum 4 minute

    Rita RiachyRita RiachyAcum 5 minute
  • Girl we don’t need another taylor swift copy cat/2.0 who wrote song about breakups. Please we have taylor already 🙂

    Elieee EmbryElieee EmbryAcum 5 minute
  • all my friends are tired of hearing how much I miss you, but I kinda feel sorry for them cause they will never know you... you mean you feel sorry your friends will never know what it's like to love someone who doesn't love you back? sis, you should be happy for them and wish your friends never have to face people who don't feel the same way about them what the heckkk? pls don't romanticise feeling miserable also ladies, please stop attaching so much value to someone who doesn't love you. I wish more than anything, we all work on our self esteem and being secure enough to never want to be with someone who doesn't like us geeeee. there are so many things that bring happiness is our selves yuckkk I hate the power we give men to make us want something so trashy.

    TheLeakyCauldronTheLeakyCauldronAcum 5 minute
  • The level of feeling on ... OOOOKKKAAAYYYY

    Cazzy MCazzy MAcum 5 minute
  • I feel like Josh’s new song lie lie lie is about olivias new song driver’s license. Because the lyrics cross over and he says in his song you play the victim when your lying so thumbs up if you actually think the songs relate to each other!

    Whitney HowardWhitney HowardAcum 6 minute
  • Girl you are awesome ❤️😍 such a great song 😍❤️

    Maren KrämerMaren KrämerAcum 6 minute
  • This is Bruh

    ScqnesScqnesAcum 6 minute
  • I didn't cry (๑´̥̥̥>ω

    jessica lynn strebeckjessica lynn strebeckAcum 6 minute
  • I have heard this song for 1008292738337 you see

    Marce BubuMarce BubuAcum 6 minute
  • Me and my friends are vibin to this song...

    Random Acts of HughesRandom Acts of HughesAcum 6 minute
  • The bridge. The feels. And me imagining Namjoon singing this song. 😢 Maybe she's the Olivia that 1D is singing about.

    Vivz IcallaVivz IcallaAcum 7 minute
  • Girl, get over him. He wasn't allllll that 💁🏻‍♂️😊

    Sailor 7575Sailor 7575Acum 7 minute
  • Everyone loves this song

    Tate ?Tate ?Acum 7 minute
    • Bc it’s good. Not just good, GREAT! FANTASTIC!!

      GenniebeanGenniebeanAcum 2 minute
  • Queen 💯

    Alex RiversAlex RiversAcum 8 minute
  • I just KNEW she was going to make a hit song after watching all of her singing videos on Tik Tok.

    Tyler NgoTyler NgoAcum 8 minute
  • Oliva: *curses* Disney in the back: 👀

    Zara EmojiZara EmojiAcum 8 minute

      GenniebeanGenniebeanAcum minut
  • So great😍😍😍

    Esma IldırımEsma IldırımAcum 9 minute
  • masterpiece

    Bobby MonovskiBobby MonovskiAcum 9 minute

    Lauren CopeLauren CopeAcum 10 minute
    • Periodt

      GenniebeanGenniebeanAcum minut
    • as it should

      Ismael GimenezIsmael GimenezAcum 9 minute
  • I never felt that way I go go to crying so much😭😭😢😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Rawan JeaazRawan JeaazAcum 10 minute
  • I swear you are a good singer

    Daniel LealDaniel LealAcum 11 minute
  • Going to lose that drivers licence pretty quickly if you keep driving in the middle of the road with your eyes shut

    Jack IvoryJack IvoryAcum 11 minute
    • Lmaoooooo

      GenniebeanGenniebeanAcum minut
  • I started listening to this song today and I already know all the words. Seriously luv this song

    Jonnisha RutledgeJonnisha RutledgeAcum 11 minute
  • This song is so good!!! I just thought this was Lorde singing. 😅

    RC MarieRC MarieAcum 11 minute
  • Im totaly cannot relate any of this scenario, but damn im crying

    Putria Hanindra_32Putria Hanindra_32Acum 11 minute
  • WOW😢 That's all I have to say, Olivia got me in tears

    Licious MLicious MAcum 11 minute
  • I can’t stop watching this!!

    Brooke RichardsonBrooke RichardsonAcum 11 minute
  • I’m. So. Shook.

    vanessa ramseyvanessa ramseyAcum 12 minute
  • I've been listening to this masterpiece for like 10000000000 times from the released date, I got addicted huhu Sad Twerking:((

    Audrey MendozaAudrey MendozaAcum 12 minute
  • People out here saying omg she said the f word guys she is a grown teen and that’s what you focused on but not the song y’all calm down lol

    Abeer KamelAbeer KamelAcum 12 minute
  • why am i here again i come back everyday its like an addiction XD

    Lauren CopeLauren CopeAcum 12 minute
  • olivia? my queen❤

    Milee ArandaMilee ArandaAcum 12 minute
  • This is my fav song 😑

    Raphael BassilRaphael BassilAcum 12 minute
  • The first time I listened to this I got this overwhelming feeling of wanting to be loved

    Tropical PopnookTropical PopnookAcum 12 minute
  • My favorite song

    Nicole TorresNicole TorresAcum 12 minute
  • So you're telling me this was 'Paige' from Bizaardvark!??!?!?!?!!??!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    ChaeByul MingiskirtChaeByul MingiskirtAcum 13 minute
  • Estoy llorando tu estás llorando? Ella es tan talentosa y hermosa "Ella es todo lo que me vuelve insegura"

    Emilie AguirreEmilie AguirreAcum 13 minute
    • No porque no estoy en ninguna relación pero me encanta esta canción

      Dylan GonzalezDylan GonzalezAcum 13 minute
  • 2:29 the best part

    Dylan GonzalezDylan GonzalezAcum 14 minute
  • Speechless!

    Brooke RichardsonBrooke RichardsonAcum 14 minute
  • My new favorite song

    Alexandra VolkAlexandra VolkAcum 14 minute
  • I could listen to this song all day long

    Sandy DSandy DAcum 14 minute
  • Why is this a bop

    Kukuzelas KukuKukuzelas KukuAcum 14 minute
    • Bc shes fire. Periodt

      GenniebeanGenniebeanAcum 27 secunde
  • this is so powerful

    Alexa MooreAlexa MooreAcum 14 minute
  • RESUMEN: No confien en los hombres por que te cambian por rubias mayores que tu

    • eek

      GenniebeanGenniebeanAcum 19 secunde
    • Oof

      Dylan GonzalezDylan GonzalezAcum 12 minute
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its sooo good!!!!

    Daisy Bay KnitsDaisy Bay KnitsAcum 15 minute
  • I know how she feels it feels horrible

    JAvier LopezJAvier LopezAcum 15 minute
  • I listen to this on repeat

    CookieDough GamingCookieDough GamingAcum 15 minute
  • this hit different

    Haven LeuHaven LeuAcum 15 minute
  • Hell this is amazing 😭

    fienda yasinindiasfienda yasinindiasAcum 16 minute
  • OK👊🏻💪🏻✊🏻

  • This made me speechlessss......wow 🥺🥺🥺✨✨ This is a masterpiece olivia fun fact my name is Olivia

    Freak_Off_PPLFreak_Off_PPLAcum 16 minute
  • You look so much like Jessica Alba! Song on repeat

    Heng WHeng WAcum 16 minute
  • I absolutely love this song

    Whitney loweWhitney loweAcum 17 minute
  • is no one talking how pretty Olivia is tho? 💕

    NotMaddieNotMaddieAcum 17 minute
    • Ikr she's beautiful

      Dylan GonzalezDylan GonzalezAcum 12 minute
  • Ya perdí la cuenta de la cantidad de veces que escuchando esta canción

    Belén BaldiviesoBelén BaldiviesoAcum 17 minute
  • i feel her pain

    evelynevelynAcum 17 minute
  • man i like this song

    screamin 4ktscreamin 4ktAcum 17 minute
  • she should be on euphoria

  • 🥺

    Princess Kye ZabalaPrincess Kye ZabalaAcum 17 minute
  • This song would forever would be my song

    QueenBri BrianaQueenBri BrianaAcum 17 minute
  • Parece um Conan Grey, só que mulher, nenhuma novidade

    Harrison WalkerHarrison WalkerAcum 17 minute
  • 💫Beautiful song 💫🇦🇷 Esta song pega aunque nunca me hayan roto el corazón y no haya amado a alguien demasiado!

    Angiee CamachoAngiee CamachoAcum 18 minute
  • Chills

    VimarshaVimarshaAcum 18 minute
  • #copyrigth

    el noriasel noriasAcum 18 minute
  • Finally the entire music industry isn’t having to rest on Taylor’s shoulders. This is so so good

    Wayne MWayne MAcum 18 minute
  • My mind when the song started: WoWoWoWoWoW! *chills already*

    Swiftie EditsSwiftie EditsAcum 18 minute
  • You could see the pain in her eyes 😭

    Thabitha KThabitha KAcum 18 minute
  • omg i'm going to cry

    zania malikzania malikAcum 18 minute
  • conan gray produced this song?????? OH MY GOD THE REVELATION!!

    ivan grayeivan grayeAcum 18 minute
  • You can tell this song is so amazing at the fact that there is 32 MILLION VIEWS, and it’s only been a week

    - JusMeMarls -- JusMeMarls -Acum 19 minute
  • ❤❤❤😍😍😍that is all i have to say.

    Taylor DuranTaylor DuranAcum 19 minute
  • What makes this song so special is the pain you feel through her angel Iike voice paired with the honesty of her lyrics. As the song continues you feel a knot forming in your throat because we all been there. That first breakup which usually happens so young and made us feel like we are going to die. Like we would never get over it. It's deep and innocent that pain. It's pure and beautiful like the tears it made.

    juan thomasjuan thomasAcum 19 minute

    Zeina AbdelazizZeina AbdelazizAcum 19 minute
  • I was here at 100K and now I'm ----------(speechless)

    Mark Ivan TabolMark Ivan TabolAcum 19 minute
  • Is she a new artist? Beautiful song and lyrics

    asal izadiasal izadiAcum 19 minute
  • 1:18 the literal only part I know 😭

    Kira’s tutorialsKira’s tutorialsAcum 19 minute
    • 2:06

      romqooromqooAcum 12 minute
  • Is she the sister of Ariana Grande? Or is it the way I feel for no one ... :-) Kudos to the Lyrics

    Meharunnisa ShaikMeharunnisa ShaikAcum 20 minute