The Kid LAROI, Miley Cyrus - WITHOUT YOU (With Miley Cyrus - Official Video)

29 apr. 2021
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Official video for "WITHOUT YOU (with Miley Cyrus)" by The Kid LAROI & Miley Cyrus.
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Directed by Miley Cyrus.
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  • Amazing! The energy of this song is so nostalgic and pretty. The hard voices for break up everyting like a dinamite heart. Miley thanks for this!

    Leandro in the YoutuberlandLeandro in the YoutuberlandAcum 3 ore
  • Icoooon

    Sergio NeftaliSergio NeftaliAcum 3 ore
  • Why is a 28 year old women laying on a 17 year old lap and has his arms all around him throughout the video. Guys stop normalizing bs

    Q8mirage1990Q8mirage1990Acum 3 ore
  • #8 on Billboard Hot 100 and #1 in rock/alternarive song Billboard

    Sergio NeftaliSergio NeftaliAcum 3 ore
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Francisco TorresFrancisco TorresAcum 4 ore
  • Puta mierda Amo a Miley Cyrus

    is Sucreis SucreAcum 4 ore
  • she is bad singer

    zander careyzander careyAcum 4 ore
    • You can't talk😯

      Queen beeQueen beeAcum 4 ore
  • Spore to the moon

    T CaT CaAcum 4 ore
  • Dude it that cigs

    Andry MenaAndry MenaAcum 4 ore
  • They dating?

    Nice GarryNice GarryAcum 5 ore
    • @Nice Garry ha way to soft? Or we're just tried of accepting the offensive bs you been saying You're whole entire lives

      Queen beeQueen beeAcum 3 ore
    • @Queen bee yes 2021, world is changing for the worst and is way too soft :(

      Nice GarryNice GarryAcum 4 ore
    • It's 2021 guys & girls could just be friends 💀

      Queen beeQueen beeAcum 4 ore

    CrackCrackAcum 5 ore
  • I feel I missed all the the season from Hannaha Montana.

    Romeo SinghRomeo SinghAcum 5 ore
  • #8 billboard hot 100🔥😍🔥

    Queen beeQueen beeAcum 5 ore
  • Keep streaming Miley deserves number #1 on billboard hot 100😍🔥

    Queen beeQueen beeAcum 5 ore
  • So proud to see u winning Miley 😍🔥

    Queen beeQueen beeAcum 5 ore
  • Congrats Miley on 8th spot on billboard hot 100 🔥😍

    Queen beeQueen beeAcum 5 ore
  • I wish this song was longer.

    Ashlee WestAshlee WestAcum 5 ore
    • Sooooo good 😩😩❤❤

      Ashlee WestAshlee WestAcum 4 ore
    • Fr it's so good😩

      Queen beeQueen beeAcum 4 ore
  • Fire

    David MaganaDavid MaganaAcum 5 ore
  • He looks like nash grier.

    Kaisha PageKaisha PageAcum 6 ore
  • 🇮🇱No baby

    LA BoaLA BoaAcum 6 ore
  • when miley said “can’t make a wife out of a ho-” it hits different

    Hot Songs LibraryHot Songs LibraryAcum 6 ore
  • Fun Fact: They both are 10 years difference

    Sreng Tay Heng 邓大兴Sreng Tay Heng 邓大兴Acum 6 ore
  • Let's make this song #1. I want Miley back at number 1

    Sreng Tay Heng 邓大兴Sreng Tay Heng 邓大兴Acum 6 ore
  • Just stumbled upon Miley singing in the Cris Cornell tribute. Mind blowing. A whole other dimension to her.

    Paula HelloPaula HelloAcum 7 ore
  • he's more famous than Lauv but has way less subs

    Just SJust SAcum 7 ore
  • TOP #8 BB HOT 100

    Mau OliveiraMau OliveiraAcum 7 ore
  • His voice ❤️❤️ and he is just 17....

    Ndamona ShindumeNdamona ShindumeAcum 7 ore
  • finalmente o top 10 veio em loirinha

    Diva QueenDiva QueenAcum 7 ore
  • Beautiful video Beautiful song Such a mood

    Limpisis A.Limpisis A.Acum 7 ore
  • They’re smashing...

    Black Kid Sneeze Meme SupremeBlack Kid Sneeze Meme SupremeAcum 7 ore
  • They both have such cool and interesting voices, sheeeesh

    AMOvifaAMOvifaAcum 8 ore

    Laila PhillipsLaila PhillipsAcum 8 ore
  • Miley voice is rare, endangered they should make a joint album

    kessington obohkessington obohAcum 8 ore
  • Im obsessed

    Naivet MorontaNaivet MorontaAcum 8 ore
  • ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    AndresÑañeAndresÑañeAcum 9 ore
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥

    AndresÑañeAndresÑañeAcum 9 ore
  • Damn y’all look sweet together, I’m not tryna be weird lmao, I usually comment on metal videos, this song just hit different

    RichardIsAliveRichardIsAliveAcum 9 ore
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    Men JoMen JoAcum 9 ore
  • Good song but looks like it was filmed on a iPhone 7+

    SITHYT2SITHYT2Acum 9 ore
  • 🇵🇸 #أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح 🇬🇧 #Save_SheikhJarrah_neighborhood 🇺🇸 #save_sheikh_jarrah 🇷🇺 #Спасти_район_ШейхДжарра 🇹🇷 #ŞeyhJarrah_mahallesini_kurtar 🇩🇪 #Siehe_SheikhJarrah_Nachbarschaft #Sauver_le_quartier_de_SheikhJarrah 🇪🇦 #Salva_el_barrio_de_SheikhJarrah 🇮🇹 #Salva_il_quartiere_di_SheikhJarrah #الشيخ_جراح #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح #savesheikhjarrah #حي_الشيخ_جراح #لا_لتهويد_القدس #أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح #لن_نرحل #فلسطين

    Men JoMen JoAcum 9 ore
  • Juice would be so proud champ💪🏼🤙🏼

    BB ProductionsBB ProductionsAcum 10 ore
  • Eu tô apaixonado nessa música! ♥️♥️♥️🖤🖤🖤🖤😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩😈😈🤪🤪🤪😜😜😙😙😙🤔🤔😰😰😂😂🎂🎂🧁🤭👁️🤭🔪🥺😮🤨😮🎂💄🤨💄😮🎂🤢🎂😮

    Bruno HelloBruno HelloAcum 10 ore
  • It's river Phoenix he's back n sings now cool 😎

    Chindian360Chindian360Acum 11 ore
  • In love

    M. EiyiaM. EiyiaAcum 11 ore
  • I love this song but I'll stuck with the original for the Playlist

    Brian HunterBrian HunterAcum 11 ore
  • Australians move different 17 and at the top of the world

    Josh TroyJosh TroyAcum 11 ore
  • Crazy what Maxmoefoe is up to nowadays.

    MrCosmin94MrCosmin94Acum 11 ore
  • homie is so bored hes vibing on omegle

    maymayAcum 11 ore
  • Miley bags another Billboard Hot 100 top ten hit with this one!

    Utkarsh RajUtkarsh RajAcum 12 ore
  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 We are all the same person experiencing life in a bunch of different bodies which means that every person that you meet is really YOU living in another body!!! You see, you are interacting with YOURSELF at all times and once you realize this you can achieve UNITY✨🙏✨

    Jacob DyrlandJacob DyrlandAcum 13 ore
  • Me over and over again: He’s 17 and she’s 28 so like why do look like a perfect couple ?

    bryans cool reviewsbryans cool reviewsAcum 13 ore
  • ... does no one care that she's 28 and he's 17? Maybe the cuddling is too much.

    Abb 1Abb 1Acum 13 ore
  • Lol

    Benja PrgzBenja PrgzAcum 13 ore
  • Congrats, Queen!!!

    Dexter InfimateDexter InfimateAcum 13 ore
  • Miley killed this 💯😌

    la di diela di dieAcum 13 ore
  • 💚💚💚

    Darnell YoungDarnell YoungAcum 13 ore
  • Original is way better

    HeartlanddHeartlanddAcum 13 ore
    • @Queen bee I didn't come at anyone laroi is just better on his own and numbers aren't everything Miley is gonna get it more then the original because she's a lot bigger then laroi it was just my opinion

      HeartlanddHeartlanddAcum 5 ore
    • Nah this one is😘 I wonder why the remix with Miley got number 8 on billboard hot 100 hmm maybe bc this is 🔥 not invalidating the original but since u wanna come for my queen 👑 I gotta spit facts💅

      Queen beeQueen beeAcum 5 ore
  • Why they so close to eachother miley cyrus can actually adopt him wtf

    Rahman AymarRahman AymarAcum 14 ore
  • I cant b the only one that prefers this over the original😭 , i dont even kno the original an truly dont care for it. Thanks Miley!

    S'yy JacobsS'yy JacobsAcum 14 ore
    • Fr😩😭

      Queen beeQueen beeAcum 5 ore
  • here before the people think its a Miley Cyrus ft. The Kid LAROI

    YellanatsYellanatsAcum 14 ore
  • radio doble nueve 99.1fm

    jose sueyoshijose sueyoshiAcum 15 ore
  • Vibezzz 🔥

    FreeMusicFreeMusicAcum 15 ore
  • Te amoooo miley❤️

    AndresÑañeAndresÑañeAcum 15 ore
  • I thought he had a girlfriend

    Mihail IvanovMihail IvanovAcum 15 ore
    • Guys and girls could be friends too hate to break it to you...😬

      Queen beeQueen beeAcum 5 ore
  • the collab we never knew we needed 🥺😩😭 this song is ON REPEAT 🔥 i love them together

    Kim WilsonKim WilsonAcum 16 ore
  • ❤️✌️

    Rysia RawRysia RawAcum 16 ore
  • #8 billboard

    Ruben SánchezRuben SánchezAcum 16 ore
  • Que buena colaboración

    Natalia TorresNatalia TorresAcum 17 ore
  • They do a great job, love it. Love how she works with others, she's the best. Would love to see her and Joe Walsh revive the song 'Life of Illusion' someday.

    DolphunDolphunAcum 17 ore
  • For some reason they remind me of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love (only by visuals in the video, not by the way they are as people)

    Amanda FlohrAmanda FlohrAcum 17 ore
  • Kid karoi has been so underrated it's good to see him making big moves💯

    John GakuruJohn GakuruAcum 17 ore
  • Era de uma rockeira dessas que o pop tava precisando

    Max ThunderTMMax ThunderTMAcum 17 ore
    • I love this!?

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyAcum 17 ore
  • 💚✨

    Julia ParraJulia ParraAcum 17 ore
  • He's seventeen singing songs to the world! Me singing in home in my room and trying to study to do my parents dream job! I'm so unlucky I am not allowed to buy a guitar tooo! 😢

    Nijara DoleyNijara DoleyAcum 17 ore
  • 1.22 ❤️

    SUSITHSUSITHAcum 18 ore
  • to bad juice is dead i would've wanted to hear juice on the remix

    lor nappslor nappsAcum 18 ore
  • I never thought this song would sound so different with Miley Cyrus.

    Tigres no llorasTigres no llorasAcum 18 ore
  • Why is nobody talking about the fact that she’s nearly 30 years old all over a KID???

    Raven criesRaven criesAcum 18 ore
  • thank you

    Myranda GillinghamMyranda GillinghamAcum 18 ore
  • Miley just don’t mess him up. He’s all we have that was close to juice Wrld.

    Starboy211Starboy211Acum 18 ore
  • I love you both 😍😉

    Rina SoeRina SoeAcum 18 ore
  • Pray for Palestine🇵🇸

    fathi barofathi baroAcum 18 ore
  • Here

    maring mgmaring mgAcum 19 ore
  • Like this version of the song , their voice match 💖

    evamaria Lunaevamaria LunaAcum 19 ore
  • Bin so derbe auf dem Song hängen geblieben 🖤👽🖖🏻💜💃🏻

    Arjuna DarkoArjuna DarkoAcum 19 ore
  • Laroi got his first #8 on billboard hot 100 and his first #1 on the billboard top rock charts, thanks Miley’s 🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Yup.. exactly..this collaboration really help this song to rise up

      Fikri AkmalFikri AkmalAcum 17 ore
  • Your voice is amazing miley

    Hasyamayee GaranayakHasyamayee GaranayakAcum 20 ore
  • She ruined it 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    J LJ LAcum 21 oră
    • She made it go into the top 10 billboard she made it better

      Kevin TorresKevin TorresAcum 17 ore
  • 💀

  • Great song!!! Cheap quality video!!

    kabzkabzAcum 21 oră
  • Billboard Hot 100 #8 Without You

    Htut NayHtut NayAcum 21 oră
  • This song speaks so deeply to Miley

    K DixonK DixonAcum 21 oră
  • LIVE version on the last Saturday Night Live was a SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER RENDITION!

    Will WurthWill WurthAcum 21 oră
  • .

    Moises De la Cruz VilchezMoises De la Cruz VilchezAcum 22 ore
  • Fajne, bardzo przyjemne :)

    Mikołaj BartosiakMikołaj BartosiakAcum 22 ore
  • 💚

    MC Cheddare BobMC Cheddare BobAcum 22 ore
  • Intro guitar is cool and calm.

    Venkatesh KaranamVenkatesh KaranamAcum 22 ore
  • love u queen 🥺🥺

    nadia Sulimannadia SulimanAcum 22 ore
  • Hope they bring the uncensored version to Spotify soon

    Patrick BournePatrick BourneAcum 23 ore
  • We need to mix this song, with some Post malone and... Quadeca(?), yeah, I couldn't really think of anyone else. Maybe some SIX60?

    Hazy Palace BirdcageHazy Palace BirdcageAcum 23 ore