RICH PREGNANT VS BROKE PREGNANT || Funny Situations And Awesome Moments by 123 GO!

30 apr. 2021
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Congrats are in order! A baby is on the way!! But depending on how much green you have, pregnancy can look really different.

Well, for the most part.

If you were pregnant, would you rather be rich or broke? Not a tough choice, is it? Don’t forget to share this video with your friends if they could use a laugh!

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  • Omg yay vicki is backkkk

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  • Omg yay vicki is backkkk

    Nina StanicNina StanicAcum 30 minute
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  • im so happy Vicky is going to be a mom

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  • Who else don't want to be rich

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  • finally, Vicky is here again to make the video extra hilarious

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  • Is vicki pregnant for real or what

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  • Congratulations Vicky! she pregnant right

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  • 9.96M 🥳

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  • Ada yg bahasa indonesia gk

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  • Yay Vicky so back

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  • To Indonesia

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  • Rich

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  • wen vicki want to eat something sweet i sew that says shampoo

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    • i mean saw

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  • Really vicky is now pregnant

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  • Hola amigos soy yo hace algunos meses subí un comentario de vicki quiero felisitarla por su nueva aparision ella se fue hace 9 meses en el vídeo de trucos de cabello con bella gracias por saber que ella esta bien es mi favorita sigan inclyllendo en mas videos volvio a aparecer

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