Rajon Rondo Opts Out To Become Free Agent! 2020 NBA Free Agency

15 oct. 2020
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  • 1ssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttt

    Daniel BerriDaniel BerriAcum lună
  • Rajon Rondo x Luka Doncic ?

    Mohammed LibanMohammed LibanAcum lună
  • Hes got that attitude though

    RG PHRG PHAcum lună
  • He should go back to Boston

    Soggy WienerSoggy WienerAcum lună
  • The magic need a point gaurd

    Boogie VargasBoogie VargasAcum lună
  • Rondo should stick around so he doesn’t end up bouncing around again

    EZ BreezyEZ BreezyAcum lună
  • Give the man his money. We need him. He’s literally one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

    Asp-ectsAsp-ectsAcum lună
  • Too old

    Aegon TargaryenAegon TargaryenAcum lună
  • Come back to Boston National Tv/playoff Rondo

    Skwisgaar SkwigelfSkwisgaar SkwigelfAcum lună
  • We gonna be able to keep rondo for sure.

    John NakamuraJohn NakamuraAcum lună
  • plot twist he opts out of the player option, and takes a pay cut to minimum so the Lakers can stock up on more weapons.

    Skrt ReynoldsSkrt ReynoldsAcum lună
  • Nothing but business, have too put feelings away in the NBA sorry but true.

    Trey PurposeTrey PurposeAcum lună
  • He's going to phillyyy!! With Doc chokeerrsss😂

    Live SimpleLive SimpleAcum lună
  • ☘️👀

    Kris GivensKris GivensAcum lună
  • Think u god

    Kevin JamesKevin JamesAcum lună
  • If I'm the warriors I sign rando and dwight

    Technology Arbaz x gamingTechnology Arbaz x gamingAcum lună
  • Man I hope he stays. He's my favorite current Laker. 1. Rondo 2. Davis 3. LeBron He's gonna be in the HoF when all is said and done

    Mark A.Mark A.Acum lună
  • He wants that 💰

    Nctrnl MjstyNctrnl MjstyAcum lună
  • Rajon rondo better then kyrie irving is Cry baby

    Huss MHuss MAcum lună
  • Nope he a Laker 4 LIFE...

    King MazdaKing MazdaAcum lună
  • 😢

    SleezySleezyAcum lună
  • The Clippers will sign him.

    Chief LouieChief LouieAcum lună
  • Someone else need to grab rondo asap. Rondo is a game changer.

  • Bucks need him off the bench

    Eugene OlearyEugene OlearyAcum lună
  • Man, fck the Bucks. We the champ baby! #Lakers #17

    Dont even StartDont even StartAcum lună
  • rondo so underrated

    Adam GibsonAdam GibsonAcum lună
  • rockets:)

    Темирлан УланТемирлан УланAcum lună
  • Rondo needs to go to the Heats

    Daniel ArtistDaniel ArtistAcum lună
  • Carouso will take hes spot the bald mamba

    Bryan MonroyBryan MonroyAcum lună
  • Noooooooooooooo rondo

    Joakim JJoakim JAcum lună
  • It’s business. If another team offers Rondo pots of money, the Lakes can match it if they want to keep him.

    MarcosElMalo2MarcosElMalo2Acum lună
  • smh

    chi 777chi 777Acum lună
  • Rondo > CP3

    POSAIDEN ProductionsPOSAIDEN ProductionsAcum lună
  • He is not going anywhere

  • Lakers don’t need rondo they have Caruso. Don’t remember anyone wanting rondo in the past few seasons.

    Top Dog AnimeTop Dog AnimeAcum lună
  • I'll have Rondo over PG13%

    Rom 8Rom 8Acum lună
  • And the NY knicks will be offering him the max

    B19B19Acum lună
  • Lol rondo before he doesn't need money..he only wants ring..now the Lakers are champ he changed his mood .

    I am MeI am MeAcum lună
  • I hope LA cut him a decent sized check in acknowledgment of his contribution to the ‘20 finals campaign 🙌

    Joe WhittleJoe WhittleAcum lună
  • Sixers should pick him up. They need a vet pg to run with Ben.

    CeeKCeeKAcum lună
  • Release green for that cap space

    johnyy09johnyy09Acum lună
  • Rondo going back to Boston ☘️☘️☘️

    Aditya PantAditya PantAcum lună
  • Your still not verified?

    Sc0rp10n VSc0rp10n VAcum lună
  • He is the best passer in the NBA right now.

    Andre MillerAndre MillerAcum lună
  • same goes for dwight howard carrier gets REVIED]

    Taef_TTV TTV BTWTaef_TTV TTV BTWAcum lună
  • If he go to the suns they will make the playoffs. Great fit and kelly a walking 2 way bucket

    AbrahamFilms SAbrahamFilms SAcum lună
  • Green is better when Kawhi is around

    ArrowguyArrowguyAcum lună
  • We should sign Beal & let Danny go

    Antonio KAntonio KAcum lună
  • Yyyyy 😭😭😭

    MalRulesAllMalRulesAllAcum lună
  • He will more than likely stay at Lakers, but damn any title contender can use a Rondo. Mavs, Clips, Bucks could use his game come finals

    Sir Richard McGeeSir Richard McGeeAcum lună
  • If he goes with another team he not gonna be the same

    DNZ 1014DNZ 1014Acum lună
  • Lakers have his bird rights. He's staying, most likely

    Vux GamingVux GamingAcum lună
  • well, he's a champion already. He can focus on making money now because he's getting old. .

    Ian Tries SomethingIan Tries SomethingAcum lună
  • Denver

    Christy WengerChristy WengerAcum lună
  • They want cp3 idk if rhondo has consistent offense but his IQ is 💯.

    Brodie O’Mally 5Brodie O’Mally 5Acum lună
  • Rondo deserves at least a 2 year 8-10 mil

    Ray SellRay SellAcum lună
  • Disappointed you didn’t say “For Rondo, why not let it fly?”

    Fue VueFue VueAcum lună
  • Now the Lakers have chemistry. I have they three peat

    Code RedCode RedAcum lună
  • Rockets should trade out Russ for Rondo and Dwight

    Justin SudderthJustin SudderthAcum lună
  • Celtics

    TrektsTrektsAcum lună
  • He should go to Dallas

    Submarine FilmsSubmarine FilmsAcum lună
  • DWight Howard is a Scrub! I would never sign him

    NyakzNyakzAcum lună
  • It’s obvious why Kobe wanted Rondo on the Lakers in the early ‘10’s

    Veer ChasmVeer ChasmAcum lună
  • I think bucks should pick him up

    Lil HNDRXXLil HNDRXXAcum lună
  • Whoever offense on Rondo - Chris Smoove

    Roll ManiRoll ManiAcum lună
  • lebron said it best: You're either with us, or against us.

    Der CrysisBZDer CrysisBZAcum lună
  • probably decided to opt out since the lakers wanted to trade for chris paul. Man hates CP so much haha

    Daily Dose of DopamineDaily Dose of DopamineAcum lună
  • Golden State, they need playmaking from the bench for creeping back into the finals

    wohnungsnomadewohnungsnomadeAcum lună
  • If he were to be in a other team he wouldn’t even average 20 points a game . His prime is over

    Repeat after me fuk YouTubeRepeat after me fuk YouTubeAcum lună
  • Hey wanna come to the rocke

    opponent 116opponent 116Acum lună
  • *is it because chris paul?*

    ブランドーディオブランドーディオAcum lună
  • Chase them chips rondo💯

    whiteuglygodwhiteuglygodAcum lună
  • He is also a quitter

    Thomas GarciaThomas GarciaAcum lună
  • Miami

    Jamar WardJamar WardAcum lună
  • Would you rather a championship or money?

    Vii NVii NAcum lună
  • Clippers!!!!!

    100k Tae100k TaeAcum lună
  • He should go to the bucks

  • Rondo is about the bag! and Lakers don’t have enough cap space to make a competitive offer

    Jahad BellJahad BellAcum lună
  • Chris Paul will replace him bye Rondo

    The DaneThe DaneAcum lună
    • They dont have the cap do u know what cap is

  • come back to Boston!

    MPMPAcum lună
  • Hes looking for some money.

    Luka ZLuka ZAcum lună
  • Definitely the bucks

    Malik SheltonMalik SheltonAcum lună
  • Yeah Giannis needs rondo!

    Admiral LuffyAdmiral LuffyAcum lună
  • Watch him go to the Clippers

    Big BoyBig BoyAcum lună
  • Him and giannas would make great teamates but i hope he remain with my lakers :)

    Booney NongBooney NongAcum lună
  • So remember if cp3 comes rondo not coming

    layupzzlayupzzAcum lună
  • If he leave the lakers hes fool

    Mario BasicMario BasicAcum lună
  • Imagine if Rondo ends up with the Warriors.

    SugarBearSugarBearAcum lună
  • Rondo going back to the celtics

    Jarjar RugasJarjar RugasAcum lună
  • I mean the Clippers and Bucks needs a true point guard 🤷‍♂️

    Rain PatchRain PatchAcum lună
  • They better resign him

    Long Live The Black MambaLong Live The Black MambaAcum lună
  • Rondo stay in lakeshow

    Cute XDCute XDAcum lună
  • Rajon Square-o should stay at the Lakers.

    Simp PoliceSimp PoliceAcum lună
  • Kcp opted out. Prolly just wanted a lil more money or incentives from lakers. He should try going to Bucks

    Anselm TamasangAnselm TamasangAcum lună
  • That’s crazy what more can Rondo want???

    David FreemanDavid FreemanAcum lună
  • He should change his jersey no to 17 since he is crucial to both Lakers and Celtics #17

    s4xtts4xttAcum lună
  • Stay in LA, GO CLIPPERS

    Joseph HickmanJoseph HickmanAcum lună
  • Rondo's shooting is one of the most inspiring things in basketball, he went from 0 to hero!

    Francisco SamirFrancisco SamirAcum lună
  • hes 34 he should go where the money is i dont think lakers will put more money into another retiree

    maelmaelAcum lună
  • Rondo? Don't you mean Chris Paul?

    Smile AlwaysSmile AlwaysAcum lună