Trump’s Voter Fraud, Sexy Superspreading & Biden-Bashing

14 oct. 2020
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After months of Trump yammering about how the vote is rigged, the California Republican Party stands accused of setting up illegal ballot boxes, Jimmy and Guillermo try a mysterious and exciting new fruit called the “Pinkglow Pineapple,” Trump continues huge unmasked events despite a second wave of COVID cases sweeping the country, his rallies start to take a sexy turn, we have a new edition of “Drunk Donald Trump,” NBC is set to air a town hall for Trump on the same night as Joe Biden’s on ABC, and words of hope that we need badly right now from Jimmy’s cousin Micki.
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  • BS

    Chris SlupinskiChris SlupinskiAcum 3 Zile
  • They are spreading covid in the White House The White House is contaminated "

    ed !! righted !! rightAcum 12 Zile
  • A prophecy frin Kim Clement received around 2010: A man will step forward among you Am man of gold and fire A man who bravely speaks truth and who despises corruption A man who has a gentle heart towards his people but walks as bold as a lion A man who lives not in a castle or a mansion but in a high tower A man that has been long prepared for this time Through him the evil hearts of the world will be confounded, confronted, convicted and the whole world will know when God almighty says, "SOUND THE TRUMP", THEY WILL SAY IMPEACH, IMPEACH

    jenny kimjenny kimAcum 12 Zile
  • Here from Iowa. Im proud to say I'm from one of the blue dots.

    Emma O'ConnellEmma O'ConnellAcum 16 Zile
  • there is one in India too who talks exactly like this super spreader guy. damn! absolute nonsense they speak, being in the premier position. and there are supporters to back them up. damn again!!

    art exploredart exploredAcum 17 Zile
  • There is voter fraud... how’d the heck did the incumbent get 70 million votes?!?

    Troy STroy SAcum 18 Zile
  • No one wants to acknowledge that Guillermo literally carries this show on his back. My hero

    Christian JamesChristian JamesAcum 18 Zile
  • Run Benford’s Law on these election results. The fraud is quite obvious in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan.

    F.R. Herbst 3F.R. Herbst 3Acum 20 Zile
  • Jimmy I love you way from New Orleans ❤️ but I would love to have the opportunity to see your mind up close.

    BjayBjayAcum 22 Zile
  • Haha this aged well after the democrats premature superspreading celebrations

    Chris NurseChris NurseAcum 23 Zile
  • Trump 2020

    ThatCoolKidYouKnowThatCoolKidYouKnowAcum 28 Zile
  • Biden hates America, So I hate Biden!

    ThatCoolKidYouKnowThatCoolKidYouKnowAcum 28 Zile
  • If only Jimmy Fallon was funny

    Diego TorresDiego TorresAcum 28 Zile
  • Interesting how this is not a "out of context video" considering that both parties harvest ballots

    Todd BTodd BAcum 28 Zile
  • Jimmy you can burn in Hell. I’m so sick of hearing your obvious ignorance toward republicans.

    Benjamin FiguriedBenjamin FiguriedAcum 29 Zile
  • A vote for Biden is a vote for economic suicide

    PetePeteAcum lună
  • .....shhhh.... Tony Bobulinski.... he says Joe Biden was The Big Man and got a cut of deals around the world.... shhhh....

    Allen BournesAllen BournesAcum lună
  • So, Jimmy kimmel will not talk about the billions Joe Biden and Hunter Biden got from China... rich. Hollywood celebrities have no soul.

    Neo JonNeo JonAcum lună
  • Republicans are sooo worried about what the democrats MIGHT do to the country if elected. Why aren't they worried about what the republican party IS doing to it with regards to suppressing votes? I guess they feel that only republicans should have that right - everyone must be too stupid to be allowed to vote. In the last week here in Florida, my USPS first-class mail delivery has increased from 3 days to over 7. Obviously, to any open-minded person, the people/person in charge has intentionally slowed the mail to suppress millions of mail-in votes. I'm sure there won't be any republican compaints about it, as long as they win. How more un-American can you get? Not much.

    jill bluereijill bluereiAcum lună
  • Poor Biden don't even know what the hell is going on,

    s hs hAcum lună
  • Trump 2020 baby, let's go 🇺🇲🇺🇲

    s hs hAcum lună
  • Isnt this the same guy who black faced

    Pyrocynical's Inbred SonPyrocynical's Inbred SonAcum lună
  • At least he's honest about his bias 🤷🏻‍♂️ hahaha

    JP's LobsterJP's LobsterAcum lună
  • Imagine hating your country so much you think Jimmy Kimmel is socially acceptable to watch.

    Bob PyneBob PyneAcum lună
  • How about the video susan is scrambling to delete from ROones? The one of the black male committing a federal crime & tampering with mail in ballots? It happened just today, Sunday October 25th, 2020. Memeology 101 has the video Susan flagged on his other social media, to expose these liars, mmmm (coughing) i mean deep state. Or shadow government. Whatever you prefer.

    Lord MoldybuttLord MoldybuttAcum lună
  • 3:19 Democracy is a fools pipe dream, we are a republic and the republican ticket is the way to go. And its the "Democrat" party, not democratic, look it up.

    JonathanJonathanAcum lună
  • So delusional, Im gunna laugh when you lose your job jimmy

    JonathanJonathanAcum lună
  • Hope trump wins I have nowhere to go😭

    Michael DiLeoMichael DiLeoAcum lună
  • tRumpf shits his pants, how can those people sit behind him? They have to like the stink he makes.

    Joe MackojcJoe MackojcAcum lună
  • Ою.пщюю..щ

    Vova PaklikovskyiVova PaklikovskyiAcum lună
  • That is very short to have a natural patent.

    Ohialehua CrozierOhialehua CrozierAcum lună
  • Trump 2020

    drewtopia 1979drewtopia 1979Acum lună
  • Waiting for jimmy to cry again on tv when trump wins again

    jj moonjj moonAcum lună
  • The KING and QUEEN was standing on the balcony of the castle gazing out at the thousands of a angry peasants the poor 97%, that were going to storm the castle and take it over with force using CLUBS and PITCHFORKS, because they were tired of the KING and QUEEN taking their rights away and not treating them with RESPECT. So the KING says to the QUEEN if we can CONVINCE all the PEASANTS out there with the PITCHFORKS that the ones with the CLUBS HATE them. I am sure they will start FIGHTING EACH OTHER and when they are done fighting whatever is left my army can surely DESTROY with ease . The RICH ELITE 3% love FUNDING EQUAL RIGHT MOVEMENTS to DIVIDE and CONQUER the POOR UNAWARE 97% vote counts to shift them to the ELITE side of 3%. WE THE POOR MUST WAKE UP and use our COMMON SENSE, meaning If the RICH ELITE of 3% and their PUPPETS LIKE JIMMY AND HOLLYWOOD, MUSIC INDUSTRY, SPORTS ATHLETES and tv networks owned or sponcered by them DON'T WANT A CERTAIN PRESIDENT, then we the POOR OF 97% MOST DEFINITELY DO WANT THAT PRESIDENT. THE ONLY WAY AROUND 97% of AWAKENED UNITED POOR VOTERS is they must DUE AWAY with the ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE. SO ASK yourself WHY THE LEFT IS WANTING TO DO THAT , and who is trying to STOP IT, THE RIGHT. The ONES trying to STOP IT is working for we the POOR OF 97%. PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. "UNITED WE THE POOR OF 97% STAND , DIVIDED WE THE POOR FALL". IF the LEFT WIN they will TAKE AWAY The ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE, and that means we will never be able to UNITE OUR 97% VOTES ever again and the ELITE AND THEIR PUPPETS LIKE JIMMY WILL RULE THE POOR FOREVER, and make us pay all the taxes while the ELITE PAY 0%. ✌️❤️😇UT

    baldeagle7777777baldeagle7777777Acum lună
  • Unbeleivable

    Pamela LaneSchreiberPamela LaneSchreiberAcum lună
  • Jimmy sucks

    Author KM MittenAuthor KM MittenAcum lună
  • It baffles me why anyone would think that what the world needed was a sweeter pineapple.

    RolatiiRolatiiAcum lună
  • Hello how

    Pawan SainiPawan SainiAcum lună
  • 8:38 why is his face painted like that? wtf is wrong with him? does't he see how *painted on* that looks?

    Kumar ManishKumar ManishAcum lună
  • Since 2017 , This hasn't been jimmy Kimmel show. This has been "Orange man bad" show 😂

    Nazeeh nazNazeeh nazAcum lună
    • Facts

      jj moonjj moonAcum lună
  • Why are all mainstream talk shows and SNL so heavily and openly biased? And I wonder if anyone who works on these shows disagrees with them on politics or if its just all a big group think or if you would be shunned behind the scenes for not showing outright support of Biden.

    Lord Of LightLord Of LightAcum lună
    • @jj moon You're right, dude. They definitely are like the "Orange Man Bad Show(s)." Now. I think its almost cringey. But to be 100% fair I don't have cable, therefore, I don't see EVERY show there is, so possibly there is one out there that isn't like that but I'm pretty sure they are all pretty biased.

      Lord Of LightLord Of LightAcum lună
    • I liked watching these talk shows before but now this is more like "orange man bad show"

      jj moonjj moonAcum lună
  • Jimmy “blue mask” Kimmel, you are straight up insulting trump and not being comedic.

    Katie LopezKatie LopezAcum lună
  • News flash he’s been sitting in the basement since COVID hit.

    Hecotr !Hecotr !Acum lună
  • In those clips of that Trump rally, did you see the guy with the pointed MAGA mask? It looks like his chin is wearing a Klan hood. Why is it that pointed?

    TheMichaelAdlerCareyTheMichaelAdlerCareyAcum lună
  • I thought Nancy Pelosi was a superspreader. She apparently doesn't believe in wearing masks when she thinks people aren't looking.

    Daniel ClarkDaniel ClarkAcum lună
  • We all like to play with our balls.......

    MyYouTubeMyYouTubeAcum lună
  • Hello heard of sheep mentality

    MyYouTubeMyYouTubeAcum lună
  • judging Trump and sheep

    MyYouTubeMyYouTubeAcum lună
  • Best Sheep?

    MyYouTubeMyYouTubeAcum lună
  • She Town Ladies sing this song.......?

    MyYouTubeMyYouTubeAcum lună
  • Try that pineapple w some tabasco& lime juice

    Rebecca Moore FreyRebecca Moore FreyAcum lună
  • This is all so embarrassing, besides being deadly to Americans. He is insane. We have an insane person running America. Come by for "Contradicktion is Key" and more video comics. Be Outraged! Be Visible!!

    zalzchannelzalzchannelAcum lună
  • Some of your friends cut holes into them

    Kasey AinsworthKasey AinsworthAcum lună
  • Good news jimmy Trump gonna win again so you will have something to cry about I mean talk about. Without Trump you have nothing your done big guy

    Auto WerksAuto WerksAcum lună
  • Biden corrupt family

    micko sisonmicko sisonAcum lună
  • Don't know about you guys but the lunatic count down is almost over and I'm ready to chain the doors. Biden/Harris 2020 and get on with life without lunacy.

    Richard PartinRichard PartinAcum lună
  • Media thinks that by advocating bad image of trump,they can make him lose. But what they don't understand is that their campaign actually has a reverse effect,i.e I start to like Trump even more.

    Bruce WayneBruce WayneAcum lună
  • Can’t wait for this election to be done. I have a $100 bet that trump will win. God I hope I’ll be poorer. Yet I suspect trump and key people will make sure he wins. They are that crooked. Please get out and vote. Make me poor again.

    Jazzy BJazzy BAcum lună
  • he is unbelievable, i. am thankful. i. live in Canada.................................can trump put a sentence together. that has more than 4-5 words, he changes thoughts constantly and says nothing. of substance

    terri burtonterri burtonAcum lună
  • isn't a candidate supposed to be talking about his program? instead he talks about kissing people and the pillow guy????

    Alexa AlesAlexa AlesAcum lună
  • Looser

    Jim WardJim WardAcum lună
  • Me trump.why are you so jealous of president Obama

    Ibra MahamadouIbra MahamadouAcum lună
  • Jimmy Kimmel is a full propoganda machinery... Great job

    Siddharth GuliyaniSiddharth GuliyaniAcum lună
  • Big Orange, always projects his BS onto everyone else. He accuses everyone of what he is guilty of.

    Jim LeeJim LeeAcum lună
  • I'm a Russian and I sincerely don’t understand how Americans can vote for Trump when he allowed so many deaths !? my book about Trump: 'The room where it happened and what does a simple Russian plumber thinks about it all.

    Gruber BruberGruber BruberAcum lună
  • Actually Biden's town hall beat Trump's in the ratings - even if you combine all 3 channels that Trump was on, Biden STILL beat him (on one channel alone.) BIGLY defeat!

    Kelly FishbeckKelly FishbeckAcum lună
  • Now I know how to curve a pineapple

    Eddie KEEddie KEAcum lună
  • Drunk Donald is much more bearable than sober one 😂

    renekireborn renekirebornrenekireborn renekirebornAcum lună
  • OMG, Jimmy smashed this entire clip right out of the park! "tRump supporters need new white sheets - they cut out eye-holes in their old ones." Brilliant!

    DarkLight MikeDarkLight MikeAcum lună
  • "Think twice? tRump doesn't even think ONCE!" - Perfecto!

    DarkLight MikeDarkLight MikeAcum lună
  • Wait until they grow a real Cabbage Patch Kid. Then, I'll be even more impressed and scared.

    DarkLight MikeDarkLight MikeAcum lună
    • Also - WHY the pineapple?? My very least favorite fruit, ever. If it TASTED like HAM, that would be another story :)

      DarkLight MikeDarkLight MikeAcum lună
  • tRump: Don't bleach your vote, just drink the bleach. "It's going to be a miracle, you just wait and see.."

    DarkLight MikeDarkLight MikeAcum lună
  • ROones search for, "Joe Biden 1985 saying N-Word Twice." He could have self-censored, BUT DID NOT. ROones search "Joe Biden Faces Questions Over Claims of Civil Rights Activism." Also ROones search "Biden letters reveal he resisted this desegregation tactic." JUST AMAZING HOW ANY OF MY BLACK PEOPLE CAN VOTE FOR HIM. I would have more respect for Kamala Harris if she would have kept to her guns & said NO TO HIM. She destroyed him in the Primaries.

    Jordan AceJordan AceAcum lună
  • This Jermo thing is more racist than the dutch black Piet... it really is bad.

    lapland123lapland123Acum lună
  • This is Really Good. Right On Jimmy.

    Jim DavisJim DavisAcum lună
  • The Trump administration is crazy

    AbracadabraAbracadabraAcum lună
  • Jimmy look high on ganja..

  • When is the USA comic book coming out? We are the biggest joke of the world right now and its sad..😢..smh

    Anthony WelfordAnthony WelfordAcum lună
  • Amazing!

    Julia KohtesJulia KohtesAcum lună
  • The discharge of contaminated water begins in October 2022. It encroaches on islands in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, western Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, and spreads to Korea, China, Taiwan and the Philippines after 400 days, which is said to be affected by the current. After the Fukushima nuclear accident, the contaminated water stored in the storage tank will be discharged into the Pacific Ocean. The drawback is that the polynucleus (ALPS) filters out cesium and strontium, but it can't filter out tritium. The total amount of contamination stored in the Fukushima storage tank is 65,000 tons more than 100 times the radiation standard, 161,700 tons more than 10 to 100 times, 207,500 tons more than 5 to 10 times, and 346,500 tons more than 1 to 5 times more than last year. Another problem is that tritium cannot be treated with ALPS. Tritium is so low in mass that it is not easy to chemically separate ordinary water from water containing tritium. If the concentration is higher than a certain level, some cleanup is possible through the removal facility. However, tritium concentrations in Fukushima contaminated water averaged 580,000 becquerels (Bq) per liter, making it impossible to purify them with decontamination facilities. At the same time, the figure easily surpasses the emission standard of 60,000 Bq per liter. It is known that there is no effective tritium removal technology yet. The Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. plan to reprocess the water once it has been treated with ALPS to lower the level of pollution to the legal standard and release it. Tokyo Electric Power Co. recently announced that it has conducted a verification test for the effectiveness of reprocessing using ALPS and lowered the concentration of eight other major radioactive materials to one-sixth of the standard level. It also said tritium, which cannot be processed, will be diluted with water enough to meet the World Health Organization's drinking water standards and released after lowering its concentration to less than one-40th of Japan's standard. In order to gain the confidence of the ALPS, Japan demanded the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to verify the ALPS performance in February this year, and concluded that there was no problem with its technical performance in April this year. However, it is unknown how Japan will use ALPS to handle the contaminated water and transparently disclose the results to the international community. Currently, 132 tons of contaminated water is generated every day, and more than 70 percent of the contaminated water in the storage tank is said to be uncontaminated. Domestic and environmental groups point out that the ALPS reprocessing test is also unreliable as it did not disclose detailed information while only revealing the results. Even if tritium and concentration are diluted, the total amount released to the ecosystem remains the same forever chemical. As Japan has made its marine discharge policy a fait accompli, concerns are growing over Korea's possible inflow of contaminated water in the direction of the current. 2018 international, including Japan and hukusimadae ganajawadae hakssulji ‘marine science’ in 2011, according to the research published by the results after the accident from nuclear power plants, cesium 137 water.Some of them appeared to take about a year to seep in to donghae. Four to five years after the accident, Cesium 137 concentration was the highest. Some analysts say that if the concentration is small, Jeju Island and the West Sea can be reached within a month. According to an analysis of video data by the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology in Helmholtz, Germany, nuclear species such as Cesium 137 can reach Jeju Island and the West Sea within a month if they are included as much as 10 trillionth of Bq per square meter. When realized, people in western California, including Hawaiians, can't swim, surf, or fish, and suffer catastrophic and astronomical losses for the people of Alaska, who live in the fisheries industry. You won't be able to eat fish. If you don't take iodine and unsaturated protein, you're not going to want a fishless world, are you? Are you just going to sit by and watch? Or would it be necessary to dispatch experts, regardless of their country of origin, to the site for systematic analysis? Many point out that international organizations lack expertise. That's because the WHO recently visited China to look into the origin of the Corona virus, but left China without visiting Wuhan City, where it originated, wrapped up a formal investigation. The possibility of IAEA visits to the site is zero. For fairness and reliability, experts from all nationalities, including the United States, Korea, the United Kingdom, and Germany, should visit the site to conduct systematic analysis of the condition, but the Japanese government is not disclosing transparent information.

    Mark ValleyMark ValleyAcum lună
  • Jimmy gets rich ...thousands Americans keep dying..and your all laughing....hahahahaha too

    Thom DisherThom DisherAcum lună
  • Stop joking about not washing your hands.

    Tamás LászlóTamás LászlóAcum lună
  • You guys should try the cotton candy flavored green grapes.

    Selena BonillaSelena BonillaAcum lună
  • Yeh he cant stay in the WH he needs his daily dose of adulation from trumpers

    Glenda AvilaGlenda AvilaAcum lună
  • 😲 are you kidding me? What a sicko? He's beyond help! He's bi & denies!

    Cill TriplettCill TriplettAcum lună
  • @ 7:30 Look at the religious racist Trump supporters wearing masks!!!! AT LAST!!!!

    OmniscientOmniscientAcum lună
  • Americans microwaving ballots...why am I not surprised about this. After all, it was also because of Americans that microwaves come with stickers stating that one shouldn't stick their pet in there to dry it.

    Jan KorfkerJan KorfkerAcum lună
  • His "Followers" are such 🐑. Simon says Stupid do this!

    Rk JacksonRk JacksonAcum lună
  • He was trying to get one of his workers or associates I don’t what there called, to lie about Obama and make up bad stuff about him, trump shouldn’t be doing that right now when he should be focusing on the pandemic

    Mister 2kMister 2kAcum lună
  • Didn't know steroids did that much harm.

    trilithon108trilithon108Acum lună
  • Hillary Clinton for Attorney General in Biden admin

    Master QMaster QAcum lună
  • FYI Biden got more ratings

    Melissa covielloMelissa covielloAcum lună
  • If only trump ever read The Pillowman...

    Sarah VanBindsbergenSarah VanBindsbergenAcum lună
  • Vote Joe Biden November 2020/Vote Amy McGrath Kentucky November 2020

  • Is there any substance in what he tries to convey to his followers?

    Bo HoglandBo HoglandAcum lună
  • We just filled it out as the instructions said, and personally dropped it off at the post office.

    Cymbolic HumanCymbolic HumanAcum lună
  • Remember: the Russian President is in deep isolation. Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump caught the virus - great job

    Will WallerWill WallerAcum lună
  • notice how only the left is committing voter fraud hmmMMM hopefully whoever gets caught doing it gets locked up in pound-me-in-the-ass prison for 10 years min

    DirtyBird760DirtyBird760Acum lună
  • So wait, he's running against himself? Interesting.

    Patricia De JesusPatricia De JesusAcum lună
  • Why does us not use EVM?

    Aftab KaziAftab KaziAcum lună