Poor Girl in a Fancy School

30 apr. 2021
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When a poor girl gets into a Fancy school, it can be hard for her. And it may not be easy for those who are already studying at this school!

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  • That girl is blessed because the was in a poor school and then in a richt school 😗😘😗😘

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  • how tf did she even afford that school aint she poor

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  • I want to go to that school so bad😭

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  • I love how everything is made with gold

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  • It's just too rich brats not pretty and one broke students and two rich students and students are brats on the end of the video baby friends

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  • No one is pretty in the video

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  • "I'll have to sit further away!" She sat CLOSER to the screen-

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  • A poor girl in a fancy school how, I mean how can she even afford it

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  • Lana is soooooooooooooooooooo baaaaaddd because she is stealing a prise from poly and the other rude girl

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  • 3:28 SHE MADE A KOREAN HEART!!!! comment if u know k pop black pink or BTS

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  • I went from a poor school from a rich school i like the rich s hool more than the poor one

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