The Ultimate "Iron Man" Recap Cartoon

16 apr. 2021
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The first of the MCU movies! Recapped! Step aside Falcon & The Winter Soldier, it's time for Marvel's Iron Man (2008)! Follow Tony Stark as he becomes Iron Man & parties from dusk till dawn.
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A Cartoon by
Cas van de Pol
Junaid Chundrigar -
Animation by
Erwin Langstraat -
Junaid Chundrigar -
Cas van de Pol
Backgrounds by
Cas van de Pol
Music & sound by
Robert Jung -
Voice work by
Junaid Chundrigar
Dennis Impink -

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  • 0:33 rip pp

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  • It wasn't tony that died in Endgame. It was his hamster.

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  • This video have more violence and blood than the movir

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  • Plottwist: He die

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  • 1:08 me when I get raided

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  • I hate this one

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  • He is the missile himself

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  • The Caz Cinematic Universe

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  • Thanks for making this im a huge iron man fan

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  • can you make part 2 of it? pls

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  • This reminds me of bad days by Stan lee

  • I love it

  • The real movie is Awesome, even this animation is cool and made me smile threw the whole video. 🤣

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  • why junaid and Cas made Pepper Potts so young and beautiful

  • Que caca de bideo

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  • Cays van de po

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  • The best part is all of Tony's dancing

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  • 3:27 Candle

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  • h-how!?

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  • Why Tony Stark arms are normal but when put on an iron man suit the arms are small and fat

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  • Iron man can do instant transmission 😕

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  • Creo que faltó esta parte:

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  • Vcs estragaram o filme favorito da minha mãe

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  • just the end scene is basically marvel

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  • Hello mr.cas van de pol just wanted to say that you don't need to do the entire infinity sage if you're not interested I much rather have a fun video instead of multiple videos that where made because the comment section told you to do it

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  • Iron Men 2

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  • an giga robot 0.o

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  • an hamster in the torso lol (:

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  • an iron man extra fat?

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  • the intro is you hulk

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  • Tony pepperoni

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  • Gangster Hamster

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  • 0:22

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  • i love how Yinsen does absolutely nothing for the 10 seconds he's on screen

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  • I love that the dousing robot is a theme here.

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  • I love pepper's candle

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  • Resumen de IRON MAN

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  • What program do you use to animate?

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  • 3:38 he has come back Edit: it’s a fat Albert reference

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  • What fonts are you using for the credits and labels. Can I have the name or link to download?

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  • Tony stark just make mark1 that not strong

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