1 vs 10 Hunters in GTA!

16 feb. 2021
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We played GTA V and did a Dream-style manhunt against 10 other players! This video is not only intense but also hilarious from beginning to end, so stick around for the whole thing!
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  • I want to give a big shout out to both FailRace's Survive the Hunt series and Dream for inspiring this video! Check them out through the links below! roones.info roones.info

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  • the dream fans: um hol up GTA manhunt?

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  • 9:56 i’m actually so glad he won one cos through the whole thing he seemed really nice

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  • gta manhunt

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  • You should do a part 2 it was amazing

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  • Pls do more gta Videos they are Great and lots of fun

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  • Mr. Beast i am a big fan i like your viedeos

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  • Where is Chandler?

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  • If you ask me, The best hiding spot in the city is the Underground Tunnel or canal or drainage that connecting sea coast and the central part of the city

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  • This is so scetchy video cuz everyone acting they dont see karl chris and beast in a map....

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  • 0:02 But there are 13 people behind them, not 10.

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  • "Let's be shirtless." Jimmy D0Naldson 2021

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  • Jimmy: Its like dreams manhunt but in gta Dream: DU-DU-DU-DU

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  • Where's chandler

  • This should be in the game

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  • Jimmy is like do you know what you won he be like no I be like comon its MRBeast of course your going to get 10,000 dollars

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  • wtf karl ur so talkative

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  • This is the best gaming channel. 69 stars out of 69 stars.

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  • 3:00 mr beasts character looks just like Chris

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