Wonder Woman 1984 Ending - Post Credit Scene Breakdown and Superman Movies Easter Eggs

26 dec. 2020
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Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review ► roones.info/news/w4youX5kxqN8tJQ/video
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Covering new Wonder Woman 1984 Ending and Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs. New Wonder Woman Powers, Justice League Snyder Cut Movie Connections. Wonder Woman Flying, Wonder Woman 1984 Lynda Carter Cameo Scene Explained. Wonder Woman vs Cheetah Ending. Wonder Woman 3 Movie Plans Explained. And Patty Jenkins new Star Wars Movie Rogue Squadron Trailer 2023.
New Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer 2021 details, Wonder Woman 1984 Superman Movie References. The Batman Trailer 2022 with Robert Pattinson and The Flash Movie Trailer Flashpoint DCEU Reboot Explained. Potential Marvel Black Widow Movie Disney Plus Release Changes and future movies release plans via HBO Max, Netflix and Disney Plus.
Maxwell Lord Powers, Pedro Pascal from Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2. Henry Cavill Superman Easter Eggs, Justice League Snyder Cut Movie Wonder Woman Timeline. New Wonder Woman Gold Armor. Cheetah Costume and Wonder Woman 3 Sequel Movie Plans.
My video for The Mandalorian Season 2 Bonus Episode will post next. And I'll do more Mandalorian Season 3 videos this week and next week too. Marvel Avengers Wandavision Episodes coming in a couple weeks every Friday too!
Lots more to come including Marvel Trailer videos. New Fantastic Four Trailer. And new Spiderman 3 Movie videos, Venom 2 Trailer, Morbius Trailer and Thor 4 Love and Thunder. The Witcher Season 2 Trailer Netflix and The Boys Season 3 Trailer.
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  • Here's my Full Wonder Woman 1984 Ending and Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs video. Lots of Superman Movie references too. Let me know how many you spotted! Here's my new Mandalorian Season 3 Luke Skywalker video too! roones.info/news/2WV3tJuj1MmQtX4/video

    Emergency AwesomeEmergency AwesomeAcum 4 luni
    • Fortun

    • Anyone noticed those glitched frames between the credit pages where appears WW52 letters? Is there anything appenning in 1952 in DC comics?

      Sílvio CastanheiraSílvio CastanheiraAcum 4 luni
    • She never wished to be like ww Barbara wanted to be like Diana plus WW put on the Golden Armor why? She had no idea Barbara had become Chetah she only knew she was strong like her this movie had serious problems

      Earl ThomasEarl ThomasAcum 4 luni
    • When did wonder woman wore the golden armor

      Arpit RajankarArpit RajankarAcum 4 luni
    • F

      TheRealVonnCedricTheRealVonnCedricAcum 4 luni
  • i want batman and wonder woman to date

    MR. GPMR. GPAcum 2 Zile
  • Ww can fly now.

    Lizzy BaconLizzy BaconAcum 7 Zile
  • Does the Wandavision reminds you of the tv series BEWITCH'?

    The Great Orisha KingoThe Great Orisha KingoAcum 7 Zile
  • Setting up the Amazon movie and third and final Wonder Woman. More Asteria. The red star had meaning. Did Diana and Lyle Waggoner guy strike up a relationship after the spell?

    Del SmithDel SmithAcum 8 Zile
  • I Want " HAWKGIRL"!!!!! give her the spotlight with the orange hair

    leanah valbuenaleanah valbuenaAcum 9 Zile
  • Where did she get that wings and how does it work? On her first movie she doesn't have that wings

    Francis AvenFrancis AvenAcum 11 Zile
  • What a shitty film

  • #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ReleaseTheNumbers #ReleaseTheAyerCut #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #ManOfSteel2WithHenryCavill #CyborgMovieWithRayFisher #GalGadotFan #ChrisTerrioFan #MakeTheBatFleckMovie #JohnStewartSnyderVerse #DeathstrokeHBOMax

    Nicolas LaroseNicolas LaroseAcum 16 Zile
  • The original wonder woman

    aurora de leonaurora de leonAcum 16 Zile
  • this is late. so he could make a wall and other things appear, but not a body for steve. also we never really never see her get to her destinations in other films. she could've been flying.

    Yhprum LawYhprum LawAcum 17 Zile
  • why she didn't fly in more recent years movie is the same reason discovery has much more advance tech than next generation

    Djoko TrionoDjoko TrionoAcum 18 Zile
  • Creates continuity errors with the other movies

    Linus ALinus AAcum 20 Zile
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) ❀ f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ❀ You'll be excited for the movie Come watch here. 100% full original video. ➽ bestwowwmovie.blogspot.com/tt7126948/ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的 生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和 慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木)來調味食物煮的時候""" Це механізм, який ми використовуємо для встановлення Кеннеди, Жонсон нарын тэргүүлэгчид, Вьетнам, qwjtfrtyuiloiaaaaaaaaaioojookokokokojuhygtfrdeseckkfjjjz

    Zhisuka VincentZhisuka VincentAcum 23 Zile
  • I LOVED the movie!!

    Tiffanie WatkinsTiffanie WatkinsAcum 25 Zile
  • What is wrong with Lynda Carter's voice? Any idea how old Batman is in 1984? Of course, Bruce would either wish to have his parents back, or wish to avenge their deaths. And this is just around the time Kal-El's rocket lands on Earth. So, he's either not here, or will arrive shortly. Did somebody not take their wish for a hero back? Maybe Bonnie Tyler.

    Todd no last nameTodd no last nameAcum 27 Zile
  • IMHO the Star Wars movies (excluding the original 3) were very disappointing.

    DavidFMayerPhDDavidFMayerPhDAcum 28 Zile
  • 4:48 But I think it is a horror film. One innocent dude gets possessed by a ghost, who forces him in dangerous situations, even takes sexual advantage of his body.

    Miss InformedMiss InformedAcum 29 Zile
  • Notice how they made wonder woman's armor's breastplate bigger?

    ʟᴇᴏ ɴᴀʟᴇᴏ ɴᴀAcum 29 Zile
  • Sanırsın homoseksüellik gelmiş bana sitem ediyor.

    Fırat KARAFırat KARAAcum lună
  • Great vidos

    darren lorddarren lordAcum lună
  • Ok so I have a theory that superman spin the planet. He went back in time and if time went backwards which way would the planet spin... Forwards? It spins backwards because it's going back in time. It's actually interesting cuz he's moving at Lightspeed kinda like the flash in Snydercut.

    epicarmaepicarmaAcum lună
  • I bought into everything but the flying scene. After Cavill's MoS flying scenes, nothing else seems as real. YMMV

    CcmusicCcmusicAcum lună
  • Definetly worst Dc movie...

    NickInTheLeadNickInTheLeadAcum lună
  • "क्यों ना तुझे काट के तेरे कुत्तों को खिला दे, फिर देखते है तेरे कुत्ते कितने वफादार है" The Dark Knight ka dialogue by joker.

    Ramesh ShindeRamesh ShindeAcum lună
  • Fun fact cheetahs are probably the worst of the big cats, they get bodied by anything. They’re so bad that their young look like honey badgers just to keep them safe. I mean ffs baboons are known to take cheetah kittens.

    NiMatzNiMatzAcum lună
  • She does fly in the justice league. We just never see her travel. When she shows up she usually just drops out of the sky.

    Bishop85Bishop85Acum lună
  • I really want to know how she got her new shield and sword and their origins. These weapons seem to be more powerful than her old ones

    Silent BlissSilent BlissAcum lună
  • 0:00 whats the name of the song

    the justice 2021the justice 2021Acum lună
  • f

    Antonio BanjaAntonio BanjaAcum lună
  • for ww three please bring back her sword and shield

    832elf832elfAcum lună
  • I went ahead and watched this video, even though I actually didn't watch the full Wonder Woman 1984 movie because it was so boring, I fell asleep on it twice and it eventually left HBO Max.

    Jayson SmithJayson SmithAcum lună
  • WW84 was cheesy. They want her to be as strong as Superman so bad.

    Jimmy JimmyJimmy JimmyAcum lună
  • The original wonder woman appetas in the end I forgot her name though

    Bikash LaskarBikash LaskarAcum lună
  • It's a lame movie..it is not BvS or mos..both of them are anti comic heavy artistic style movie..but ww84 is lame as 70s movie..even the old superman movie not as lame as ww84

    field negrofield negroAcum lună
  • how fast can wonder woman fly? does she need to bring snacks for her flights across the ocean/s?

    Melissa HMelissa HAcum lună
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) ✢ f'u"l'l M'o'V'l"e ✢ ➼ playforfullhere.blogspot.com/tt7126948/EdN6 `All Subtitle` √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de '在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的 生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其A融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和 慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木)來調味食物煮的時候'""""' la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour _faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейский √™должны объединиться с бывшим солдатом, чтобы уничтожить группу, √™ответственную за ее создание""""

    Movie HitsMovie HitsAcum 2 luni
  • gotta admit She Looks Great For her age LOL

    MasterCrazyKnightzMasterCrazyKnightzAcum 2 luni
  • This movie is so bad!

    Gilmar RibeiroGilmar RibeiroAcum 2 luni
  • That nod to The Duke of Deception.

    Chris TownsendChris TownsendAcum 2 luni
  • 😁😄😂😄👍

    Renato MoreiraRenato MoreiraAcum 2 luni
  • Marvel constantly pushes forward...DC is always beating a dead horse ...ugh

    ryan2stixryan2stixAcum 2 luni
  • wonder woman got a big pussy to fight cheetah as seen two pussys fighting it out would be great and the winner gets Thor to give them a hammering with his hammer,that would be a great film

    Richard CareyRichard CareyAcum 2 luni
    • Do the two ww's pussy fight for the right to get Thor to hammer them, I think Thor could hammer the two pussys and cheetah at the same time

      Richard CareyRichard CareyAcum 2 luni
  • Sorry linda carter couldn't fly so wonder woman can't fly. Even on the Saturday morning justice league cartoons she had the invisible jet.

    Nick HaldenNick HaldenAcum 2 luni
  • Finally saw the beautifully and brilliantly made 2020 Wonder Woman:1984 DCEU film last in January 2021 with one of my older sister in a drive-in theater for the first time I loved it! 9.8 out of 10! It was spectacular,beautiful brilliant and amazing and piwerful in a variety of beautiful ways! :D

    Booksmart The AlicornBooksmart The AlicornAcum 2 luni
  • F

    John DJohn DAcum 2 luni
  • Wonder Woman 1984 2021 f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E HD Watch Now ➬ t.co/c8VHAb20eI?amp=1 All Subtitle ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? todos los subtítulos Tessa se encuentra luchando con su complicada relación con Hardin; se enfrenta a un dilema que podría cambiar sus vidas para siempre ok9si9u8wy7uwnwerwteyr

    clip Movieclip MovieAcum 2 luni
  • WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2021) ⮚ f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘ Watch Now ➬ t.co/WgiIHspHOg?watcheasystream All Subtitle ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? todos los subtítulos Tessa se encuentra luchando con su complicada relación con Hardin; se enfrenta a un dilema que podría cambiar sus vidas para siempre ok9si9u8wy7uwnwerwteyr

  • WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2021) ⮚ f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘ Watch Now ➬ online-watchmovie-hd.blogspot.com All Subtitle ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? todos los subtítulos Tessa se encuentra luchando con su complicada relación con Hardin; se enfrenta a un dilema que podría cambiar sus vidas para siempre ok9si9u8wy7uwnwerwteyr

  • They managed to ruin the wonderwoman as well

    Hawkeye S.CHawkeye S.CAcum 2 luni
  • I can't wait til the day where DC movies stop sucking the dick of the Dinner Superman movies

    Christian HensonChristian HensonAcum 2 luni
  • WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2021) ⮚ f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘ Watch Now ➬ t.co/WgiIHspHOg?watcheasystream All Subtitle ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? todos los subtítulos Tessa se encuentra luchando con su complicada relación con Hardin; se enfrenta a un dilema que podría cambiar sus vidas para siempre ok9si9u8wy7uwnwerwteyr

  • I loved Linda Carter as Wonder Woman.

    Erika GholstonErika GholstonAcum 3 luni
  • Okay okay, but are we ever gonna see her, Michael Keaton, and Brandon Routh’s Superman (essentially Chris Reeve) together in flashpoint???

    Mason SandovalMason SandovalAcum 3 luni
  • F F F F F F F F F F F

    Family AbejoFamily AbejoAcum 3 luni
  • Wonder women flies in a invisible plane

    Spiritual Warfare Force by Bella OrsiSpiritual Warfare Force by Bella OrsiAcum 3 luni
  • I like the part in Wonder woman when she said like looking to herself and said no I got to give up my love that isn't right and move so far away and could forget to overthrow the enemy and she did it at last it was so terrific

  • F.

    The Lazer Brick LegoThe Lazer Brick LegoAcum 3 luni
  • I haven't seen the WW 84 movie yet but I love how Lynda Carter is in it and she is still beautiful but before she even says who she is you can see the golden WW cuffs on her

    Martine CharlesMartine CharlesAcum 3 luni
  • When she fights the cheata

    Caiden SlevinCaiden SlevinAcum 3 luni
  • wonder woman broke super mans arm....she has no weaknesses...ie kryptonite....power not based on sun... she is his superior...even batman knew this. he had a contingency plan for alll but her

    Oldman Logan69Oldman Logan69Acum 3 luni
  • She did fly in the first ww

    Freddie SandersFreddie SandersAcum 3 luni
  • It'd be hilarious if the Dreamstone was a Marvel tie-in lol

    AnonAnonAcum 3 luni
  • Loved this movie, Gal Godot, Chris Pine, and the whole cast! The opening scene was awesome!

    John CookJohn CookAcum 3 luni
  • ワンダー女牙狼?

    nihontaro9nihontaro9Acum 3 luni
  • Just because something is invisible doesn't mean it can be found look at molecules and particle phicisics

    Andrew Mars JrAndrew Mars JrAcum 3 luni
  • F

    kendall mitchellkendall mitchellAcum 3 luni
  • this movie was a big waste of brain cells

    James PakJames PakAcum 3 luni
  • Worst movie I have seen in life

    mon senormon senorAcum 3 luni
  • It’s confirmed Snyder cut will be a movie over 4hours long

    is this name takenis this name takenAcum 3 luni
  • i actually dont want to watch the snyder cut in the theatre cuz i dont want to stay there for 12 hours..

    RL DabombRL DabombAcum 3 luni
  • F

    Sunil LallSunil LallAcum 3 luni
  • The film was awful

    Gareth AndrewGareth AndrewAcum 3 luni
  • Where can I watch the movie

    shiennyshiennyAcum 3 luni
  • I really don't like the fight scenes to be honest, the 1st one was a bit more flashy and fast but the 2nd one seems slow and a lot of slow mo.

  • Lots of meaningless scenes in this movie

    Abhishek BaruaAbhishek BaruaAcum 3 luni
  • F

    griffey1005griffey1005Acum 3 luni
  • Yeah I don’t get the backlash. I enjoyed it. Someone said that Zach Snyder’s Justice League would just be a 4 hour movie ?

    Justin CaveyJustin CaveyAcum 3 luni
  • Say what you want about the movie but it’s still better then captain marvel...

    Zeus wolf23Zeus wolf23Acum 3 luni
  • F

    Mr Krabs1938Mr Krabs1938Acum 3 luni
  • ooh i just knew what "lie" does the movie say..thanks

    A DA DAcum 3 luni
  • F

  • How does someone renounce their wish if they are dead? Say someone says the wished they were dead :D Done that a few times when I was super embarrassed :P

    C BC BAcum 3 luni
  • A half naked woman running in high heels is not girl power.

    Frances McCollumFrances McCollumAcum 3 luni
  • f f f f f

    ThunderKingThunderKingAcum 3 luni
  • F

    Figga FooFigga FooAcum 3 luni
  • I love the Golden Suite in which she flies, how about an under water suite but far more advanced then the one which Linda Carter had in the original movie, Here s a foot note, I moved to Phoenix, Az. with my family in 1969. just as Linda Carter was leaving Arcadia High School, I was entering, it. We could have bumped into each other, and I wouldn't have known, it,..! Also, Mr. Steven Spielberg attended, Arcadia high school, as well,..!

    Evona A GrochowskiEvona A GrochowskiAcum 3 luni
  • WW couldn't fly before the Super Friends cartoon.

    David LonerganDavid LonerganAcum 3 luni
  • it probley all head. boyfriend pilot that died. so she afraid fly even though do it. also like batman he pilot too but never flys in front of him so he fly around in his plans. also be last greek gods probley get new power every movie. as Thor seem get more powerful every movie expect same for her. real question what is the end game for amazons? will ever get leave island? will Wonder Woman ever have any kid? that only god kill god rule. means that only kids could ever really harm her. though sure seemed like danger with step wolf. if super man could kill her does pump him god statuses? in short you never see fly infront of batman but might see do for other justice leaguers then make not tell him or threat do something to them with rop truth. like what happened aquman when sat on rope.

    rodney adamsrodney adamsAcum 3 luni
  • Lynda Carter making a Cameo was the BEST

    Kali BurgosKali BurgosAcum 3 luni
  • A DEFINITIVE GUIDE IN UNDERSTANDING THE NARRATIVE OF 'WONDER WOMAN 1984' (PART ONE): TRUTH VS. LIES To summarize WONDER WOMAN 1984, it's simply TRUTH vs LIES, and we see that at the beginning & ending of the film. Patty Jenkins on Twitter said that the first Wonder Woman movie was about being "brave enough to LOVE" while this second film is about being "brave enough to face the TRUTH." This second installment brings the other side of the warrior Wonder Woman, and that is being a peacemaker. Patty Jenkins forgoes with the warrior's sword & shield so our attention will be on the peacemaker's Lasso of Hestia a.k.a. the Lasso of TRUTH which is the key to the undoing of the magical wish-fulfilling McGuffin of the Dreamstone of LIES. The beginning has everything to do with the ending. In the beginning of the movie, a young Diana was encouraged by her mother to look up to Asteria, the Golden Warrior who did not become a legend out of haste but by true acts of bravery like patience, diligence, and the courage to face the TRUTH. At the end part just before the climactic battle, we witnessed the adult Amazon princess-daughter of Hippolyta overcome the odds, claiming back integrity & earning the right to wear the Golden Warrior Asteria's armor for having been "brave enough to face her TRUTH"-for "No true hero is born from LIES," according to Diana's aunt, Antiope. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR 'CUZ YOU'LL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU GET When Diana wished for Steve's return, a lot of people took issue on how she got him back, that is, him being in another person's body. The idea of this twist is that it should be surprising, and the film effectively got the surprise reaction (albeit divisive) from its audience it intended to draw. Just like at Steve's return, Diana was as surprise as Barbara was surprise with the perks of being "like Diana"-like the old man was surprise where the farm he wished for was located, which is in the city. It is clear that the Dreamstone doesn't automatically exact the wisher's wish, like it knows what their specific desire & intent upon making their wish. Note that Diana has not gotten over Steve and is forlorn for quite sometime, that upon Steve's "most unusual return," she'll take it, although she'd most rather have him back fully in his own body. Because Steve has been long gone, we can presume that the magic of the Dreamstone has limitations in resurrecting the absolutely dead. The best that the McGuffin can do was to conjure the rested soul of Steve and have him exchange places with another person's soul, inhabiting that person's living body while the other person spends time in the "good place" (heaven?) where Steve was before he found himself in the random person's futon bed. NOT QUITE A "HEAVEN CAN'T WAIT" RETURN Movie writers doesn't always cater to every moviegoer's likes and dislikes pertaining to how they wanted the direction of the film's story is going, and writers are free to set the rules they want for the premise of their story they're trying to convey to work, and then they just have to cross their fingers and hope the movie's audience are intelligent enough to understand the narrative they're trying to tell. As for this particular divisive movie, in as much as half of its audience prefer to rather have Steve come back fully (body & soul) in the most conventional & convenient way avoiding controversy (the issue of without-consent body swapping), we on the contrary prefer the filmmakers' bold choice of having him back this twisted way-unconventional, inconvenient & not cliché. Quite original we might say, albeit very contentious understandably. All for that pivotal heartbreaking letting-you-go moment of Steve and Diana. That scene wouldn't have worked the way that it did if the storytellers went the easy way... DIANA: "I can't say goodbye...I can't say goodbye..." STEVE: "You don't have to...I'm already gone." Those lines would have been not impactful at all if they did it differently...And NO, we don't want an AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR all over again, where we see a fully-resurrected Steve Trevor fade away or poofed out of existence-that would have been a far worse awful thing than the "disastrous cringey twist" haters of the movie are nitpicking! It's vital for the movie to show that Diana needs to face the TRUTH that Steve has long been gone from her life, that she's kidding herself if she intends to keep Steve in this most unusual way-that things should go back to its proper order especially for that Lyle Waggoner-looking "handsome guy" who she-out of being forlorn for the longest time-unintentionally used conveniently like a crutch to heal her broken heart. Yes, it's not easy to be Diana-to be a demigoddess-to be immortal who loves immortally. Immortal Love-have you heard of it? Well, the daughter of Zeus suffers from a bad case of this Immortal Love-blame it on her god side. If Diana wants to continue to be our beloved Wonder Woman, she needs to "man" up in accepting her own flaws-to stay in touch with her human side so she can be "brave enough to face the TRUTH." As Antiope once said to her, "TRUTH is all there is...No true hero is born from LIES." And what's the main TRUTH of the matter here? That humans are mortal, and gods & goddesses live on. Steve is human and he died a long time ago. Diana needs to accept this undeniable TRUTH of hers that she's been dodging for so-sooooo long, and move on with her immortal life-so she could continue on being our beloved superhero, Wonder Woman-flaws and all. AN INVISIBLE JET? HOW CONVENIENT?! Never mind how Diana "wondrously" Gandalf her way in Themyscira-izing a modern jet plane (we get it that she's the daughter of Zeus, plus she's not called "Wonder" Woman for nothing)...The bigger question here is, how conveniently that plane was placed there, all fueled up and ready to go, and how Steve was able to fly it? ANSWER: Can it be that 2 or 3 of those planes outside the hangar near the runway just got delivered there for prepping? Clearly those ones were not on display or else they'd properly showcase them on a designated spot completely labeled. As for Steve's instant ability to fly a modern plane, that angle is a no issue for those who have carefully watched the first Wonder Woman film. In that movie, Steve Trevor was able to fly (to his death) a humongous pre-Nazi plane he called "the future." He called it "the future" because it was way more advance in technology than the planes they had at that time. If he was able to fly that aircraft, then it's easy for him to figure out the modern "invisible jet" plane being a pilot himself with good knowledge in how aerodynamics work. #EmergencyAwesome

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  • A DEFINITIVE GUIDE IN UNDERSTANDING THE NARRATIVE OF 'WONDER WOMAN 1984' (PART TWO): FLIGHT SCHOOL Before Diana loses Steve Trevor (yet again), she got free flying lessons from her pilot boyfriend. No, not talking about flying the "invisible jet" plane. We're talking about her getting a cue from Steve on how flying was possible for her. On the plane, she said to Steve in amazement of his 'gift of flight,' "It's the one thing that's always been you to me. I'll never understand it." And he replied, "It's so easy, really. It's wind and air and knowing how to ride it, how to catch it, how to join with it." This is very consistent with what Zack Snyder said all along regarding the flight skills of this particular cinematic version of the Amazon princess. Snyder said that this Wonder Woman does not fly like Superman does, that her flying is more like gliding through wind currents like the Wonder Woman in the past comic book iterations-limited, and can't get to places far and wide fast enough like the Man of Steel. This was the reason why Diana has to go back to her apartment to retrieve Asteria's Golden Eagle armor to aid her get hastily to where Max Lord was. Call it falling in style, but that's just the fun fact of it. Notice how, without the Golden Eagle armor, Diana used her lasso to aid her in flight. First she took off like a yo-yo pulled by a string, then went airborne high enough by stringing on a plane and propelled forward in flight using her magical rope imitating Thor's signature move of twirling his hammer; also even like Spider-man swinging with it from lightning to lightning in the sky and through clouds. (She's a vison to behold with that glowing lasso of hers!) This can be verified again in the part where, after losing the wings of her armor, she-like a clipped bird-couldn't just take off and fly away, but instead, she Bat-roped her way off ground to steer clear from the mad Cheetah. With all that clarified, you probably would argue, "Then explain the ending of WONDER WOMAN 1984 when she flies upwards and also speeds off into the distance like Superman and Shazam?" ANSWER: WONDER WOMAN 1984's ending shows us the next chapter of this version of Wonder Woman in the DCEU just like the ending of the first Wonder Woman movie released back 2017, giving us a glimpse to what extent her flying skills are they gonna showcase on the next Wonder Woman movie-be it a 3rd installment or in an ensemble like Justice League 2 or perhaps a cameo in a movie of a JL member like The Flash. The first WONDER WOMAN movie showed us her fledgling flight skills-more of a float-when she fought Ares, while WONDER WOMAN 1984 showed us how she was able to fly-not Superman level, NOT JUST YET. This approach-going back & forth in the DCEU timeline-is in keeping in trying to be different from the MCU. Although unique, it's kinda screwing up the audience's perspective. An example of this is the Justice League scene when Batman said to Diana, "Did Steve Trevor tell you that?", and then she angrily gut-push Bruce sending him reeling backwards. That scene was less impactful then when the film was released compared to now that we saw WONDER WOMAN 1984 'cuz we now understand more, feel more & empathize with Diana's angry reaction to Batman's cold, unfeeling statement considering what she has been through with Steve in WW84. Likewise, in movies like BvS and JUSTICE LEAGUE...The events of those films took place way after Wonder Woman 1984 in the proper timeline, yet the DCEU kept Wonder Woman's flight skills under wraps, saving it for the big reveal that indeed she can fly in WONDER WOMAN 1984. We will eventually see Wonder Woman fly just like or nearly like Superman down the road. As we have said, the ending scene of Wonder Woman 1984 where we see her flying-really flying-is just a glimpse of what she will be doing in the next installment just like how we got a glimpse of her flying skills in the ending part of the first Wonder Woman movie, when she jumped and took off the balcony as the movie segued into the colorful & bombastic end credits. APEX PREDATOR There are many beautiful juxtapositions in this movie. One mentioned is TRUTH vs LIES-the Lasso of TRUTH vs the Dreamstone of LIES. Another is Wonder Woman vs the Cheetah. It was a smart move of Patty Jenkins & company to throw Wonder Woman's Golden Eagle armor in the mix. It gave us the visual spectacle of the jungle element wherein we see the battle of two apex predators-the eagle and the wildcat. Barbara Minerva, knowing now that her wish to be "like Diana" makes her just of equal footing with the Amazon princess, wished to be more than be "like Diana"-so she asked to be unlike any other-to be "number one"-somebody unbeatable like an apex predator above the food chain. And as we have discussed, the Dreamstone does not exact the wisher's wish, so Barbara, be careful what you wish for. FIGURE OF SPEECH Now regarding those PARTICLES with Maxwell Lord touching wishers with them, it really takes an intelligent attentive movie audience to get the angle. The new tech Global Broadcast Satellite, uses PARTICLE beam technology just like the Star Wars program, as the POTUS explained, "It bathes the landscape in a signal of PARTICLES that goes in and fiddles with any technology it TOUCHES." Max caught the POTUS' word "TOUCHES," and so he thought he would be able to "TOUCH" every viewer the satellite is broadcasting to, making it possible for him to do his global wish-granting. He asked the POTUS, "You said 'TOUCHES'? As in the PARTICLES you are sending are touching everything?" And the POTUS, bewildered to where Max was going with this, answered, "It's a FIGURE OF SPEECH but yes. That's how it was explained to me." We can see here that the whole Global Broadcast Satellite technology was understood vaguely by the POTUS as a "FIGURE OF SPEECH," unsure himself that it really works that way, but Max Lord understood it differently, thinking and believing that it would work the way he thought that it might work. But did this new Star Wars program-like satellite technology really work as Max Lord understood it? The answer is NO. The "technological PARTICLES" was not really at work here as it was just really a FIGURE OF SPEECH, it was fully magic. It was just advance technological satellite taking over others' broadcasting globally. What made it work was when that soldier in charge of the bunker wished it would work as Maxwell Lord deemed the whole thing to work. Recall that scene and you will understand. Simply put, Max, the human Dreamstone went from "TOUCH MODE" to "SAY MODE" when that soldier wished the whole thing would work for Lord. Most people didn't get this. As we have said, it takes an intelligent viewer of the film to get it. YOU LITTLE DUST DEVIL, YOU! Some audience didn't like that DC's Superman female counterpart-the super-powerful Wonder Woman who can take a headbutt from the Man of Steel-was held back by just a wind vortex that conveniently appeared in that bunker to protect Max Lord. So what's up with that? ANSWER: First of all, that strong wind vortex was not just conveniently placed there just because. We know that when Maxwell Lord wished to become the Dreamstone itself, the little McGuffin has turned into more than just the little fart thing it was in the beginning of the movie. The fantastical magical process of wish-granting to be the Dreamstone itself left dust debris all over Max Lord's office like the aftermath of a bomb blast, and that was just a glimpse of how powerful it can turn-how much more when you tasked it with a global wish-granting process. Let us remind you that it's not the first time Wonder Woman encountered this thing of a powerful magical strong wind vortex protecting her antagonist. In the first WONDER WOMAN movie, it was also Ares' thing. Patty Jenkins somehow has made it a thing with gods and their powers-in this regard, the Dreamstone being powered by another god-the god of lies, Dechalafrea Ero a.k.a. Dolos a.k.a. Mendacius a.k.a. Duke of Deception. THE MANDELA EFFECT So what happened after the magical event that took place in 1984? Does anyone at present time in this universe (DCEU) remember what took place then? Vaguely-everyone is not sure about the whole event like how the U.S. President was confused about him being in the White House when he seem to remember being somewhere else. What resulted from this magical event somehow caused a MANDELA-like EFFECT on the masses. #EmergencyAwesome

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  • The granting of every wisher's wish upon the Dreamstone comes with an unexpected surprise: Diana's wish - Steve back but in another man's body Barabara's wish - To be "like Diana" but didn't know she'd have Wonder Woman-like powers old man's wish - a farm but didn't expect to get it outside his apartment in the middle of the city

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  • This movie sucked ngl

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  • Not gonna win any oscars, but I enjoyed it. Only gripe is not enough 80s music and world building for the 80s. I even forgot it was set in the 80s in the 2nd half. It didn't even have the trailer song

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  • You did a better job in narrating then they did filming.

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  • F

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  • Cheetah never renounced her wish!! It was Maxwell Lord's wish to grant her all the predator power and he renounced it!!

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  • My mother will be very happy to see it

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  • Worst DC movie of ALL TIME!!

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