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Among Us in first person and 3D
Enjoy the best game from another perspective as a crewmate who has to escape from impostors.
The life of a small Crewmate is not easy at all, here you can discover how it is in the first person to be in a position to face the impostors and do the tasks
Will you be able to finish all the tasks of the ship?
Will you be able to watch the entire video without being afraid?
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Hornstromp Animators:
Segura Valverde Juan
García Miguel
Garrido Pedro
Hornstromp Voice actors:
Sound/Voice Direction: Devin Martin
Maggie Raffaelli
Ramy Kudhir
Felipe Anzures
Jesus Campaña
Among Us Game description:
Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. The game takes place in a space-themed setting, in which players each take on one of two roles, most being Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Impostors.
#AmongUs #AmongUs3d #AmongUsAnimation

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    • penari Saya tengok Mohd Azmir tapi mau kasi saya lama dah saya pernah main game nya kamu ini saya sehari dapat inspektor Saya memang suka hisap ais motor ganas saya suka jadi orang yang pembunuhan

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  • The mini crewmate's voice is so cute :D

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  • Yellow whould be a great imposter if a little crewmate cant talk because the cant talk And thats a fact and a good wisdom

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  • I haven't got a mini crewmate!

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  • Mini crewmate voice is weird and edit voice only lol

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  • This is so sad to actually get really deep into among us this is actually how it is

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  • The pink baby is cute

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  • Red is Imposter

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  • This captures the pressure and anxiety of the game VERY well

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  • soy la unica q habla en español

  • why did i get killed first?

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  • yellow vent in security then little pink go to the vent little pink hide under the beds when little pink go in cafe then show everyone that yellow kill orange

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  • Yellow was an impostor

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  • susus!!!1

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  • 😢that is a future crewmate...

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  • I think i'm in among us 3D😍

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  • Pinks daughter is the imposter she was in the vent

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  • Sooo like they are all boys and only one girl well....2 in a half

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  • This is like VR!!!

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  • Who is the imposter?

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  • Hay rosa fue muy miedosa desde que verde vino le pregunto que hacia y se asusto y hiso sus dedos arriba y abajo algo asi para acercarse y abrasarla fue timida o miedosa

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  • There is a vent in there

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  • I like how he said he was so young even though he was the imposter

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  • its yellow

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  • Mini pink was chased by the 2nd impostor who was yellow cyan and purple saved her life and red got voted out before yellow.

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  • I Love mini croomate

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  • On the first clip of when the mom is writing the tasks or whatever she writes on the cardboard. I can show you. 0:52

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  • I think this was his best video

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  • 1:23 I like ya cut g

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  • Great videos

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  • Awesome story! Probably the first animation about a mini crewmate I've seen where the parent *doesn't* die! The voice acting was a liiiiiiiitle cheesy, but I really loved it!

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    • Ok

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  • if you see the color red you already know hes sus thats a fact

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    • @purple guy [william afton] actually no because red can stand for many things like blood shed,murder,hell,demon.your mom stuff like that

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    • Nah bullshit

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